Pelame Design Peddles Furs On Sheepshead Bay Rd

Pelame Top Design opened at the end of May, selling fur, leather and shearling apparel from their 1730 Sheepshead Bay Road storefront. Aside from off-the-rack coats and apparel, it offers tailoring, repair and cleaning.

Pelame isn’t a new business. Operating since 1997, it just moved from its 513 Brighton Beach Avenue location.

The Sheepshead Bay Road storefront was previously occupied by Rascals, a kids clothing and accessory store. You might remember that name; we wrote about Rascals back in August, when the “sex shop” KamaSutra opened across the street. The owner, Sabina Furman, told us at the time that she worried the window display may hurt her business. We don’t know what happened, but it was about six months later that Rascals closed.

Best of luck to our new neighbors at Pelame.