81-Year-Old Driver Fatally Struck Pedestrian in Downtown Brooklyn

SUV crashed into scaffolding on Pearl Street. Lloyd Mitchell/Bklyner

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN — Wednesday morning, a pedestrian was fatally struck by an elderly man driving an SUV in Downtown Brooklyn.

An 81-year-old driver in an SUV struck a 40-year-old woman on Pearl Street in Downtown Brooklyn around 9.30 a.m. A scaffolding collapsed due to the impact of the crash.

According to the police, the woman suffered severe injuries from the crash. She was pronounced dead upon arrival to a hospital, cops said.
It is currently unclear if the driver will face charges.
Incident on Pearl Street. Lloyd Mitchell/Bklyner.
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  1. “Unclear” if he’ll face charges. There should be no doubt about this. According to all press accounts, he was likely exceedingly the speed limit and being reckless.

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