Pedestrian Killed In Marine Park Crash

MARINE PARK/MILL BASIN – On Wednesday, January 20, 2020, just around 7:30 pm the driver of a car crashed into a pedestrian killing him.

Crash scene. Hillel Lichtenstein / Bklyner

The crash took place outside 2233 Utica Avenue (63 Precinct).

Upon arrival, officers observed a 60-year-old man in the roadway, with trauma throughout the body. Images from the scene show windshield damage to the car.

Crash scene. Hillel Lichtenstein / Bklyner

EMS responded and transported the injured pedestrian to Mt. Sinai Hospital, where he died. A preliminary investigation revealed that the pedestrian was struck while crossing the street. The investigation is ongoing.

Crash scene. Hillel Lichtenstein / Bklyner

The identity is pending family notification.

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  1. I drive for 40 some years and sometime miss a pedestrian in my forward view who’s who’s dressed in all black on the rainy winter night. I learn to drive very slow. But this is an important issue. I propose a public advertising campaign urging people to wear something reflective at night. Even a reflective arm band will do. Everyone wearing masks to save themselves, but being visible at night to drivers should be of similar concern. This armband will save countless lives in the city.

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