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Pathmark To Close, 100 Workers Face Job Loss

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Say it ain’t so. Pathmark supermarket on Nostrand Avenue is going to close. But don’t despair – politicians are looking to work with the property owner to get a new supermarket in that location.

Pathmark’s owner, A&P, filed for bankruptcy protection last December, and on Tuesday morning, A&P officials broke the news to the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1500 that the Pathmark at 3785 Nostrand Avenue – which employs about 100 people – will close its doors for good. That’s just one of the 32 A&P-owned stores that will be closing, officials say, but the only one in New York City. A&P is cutting all these stores in hopes that doing so will stop the financial bleeding from their current $3.2 billion debt.

There’s no doubt that losing Pathmark would create a huge hole in the Sheepshead Bay food shopping area, as it’s the closest supermarket to thousands of Plumb Beach residents and neighbors in the southeastern pocket of our neighborhood.

But fear not – where there’s a food issue in Brooklyn, Borough President Marty Markowitz is on the case.

“When supermarkets close, our residents—especially seniors—are forced to travel greater distances, often at greater expense, to provide for basic needs for themselves and their families,” he said in a press release.

Markowitz also said that he plans on finding a solution to that problem. “I am interested in working with the property owner and other stakeholders to identify a supermarket retailer to replace Pathmark and provide the residents of Sheepshead Bay and surrounding communities with the access to the fresh food they deserve.”

A&P owns other well-known supermarkets such as Waldbaum’s, Best Cellars, The Food Emporium, Super Fresh, Food Basics and, of course, A&P – which might be why they chose to close the location. Two out of the three closest supermarkets to this Pathmark are owned by the same company (Food Basics and Waldbaum’s).

So if Markowitz succeeds in pulling in a new supermarket, what would residents of Sheepshead Bay like to see? Personally, I’d get a kick out of a Whole Foods right next to the projects. Just sayin’.

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  1. Are you kidding me? This sucks, I shop their all the time.
    I hope they will open another supermarket very soon.
    For now however we can shop at Silver Star, support your local mom and pop store.

  2. Whole Foods? Yes. Fairway, sure. Anything real gourmet that doesn’t have to say “gourmet” in lights on the sign.

  3. How about a major recycling hub. A place where people can come night or day and drop off their stuff to be sorted and recycled, maybe even reclaimed and repurposed. This could help avoid all that stuff we see illegally dropped all over the streets on non recycling days.

  4. regardless of race or color people who have jobs get paychecks which they spend on goods and services in the neighborhood in which they live. the purchases support local stores and other business and the cycle continues. people without jobs don’t buy goods because they have no money. they get welfare and unemployment which is a burden on the tax payers. regardless of racist views job losses are bad for our neighborhood. now this is America and you can hate whoever you want but job loss affects everyone. but basic economics doesn’t take ignorance and stupidity into account, i regret responding to it.

  5. Pathmark must be feeding Marty – that is the only man I know of that makes an eating event out of everything. I believe the word is GLUTTON. The guy is so useless. Can’t stand the bum.

  6. Not me – whole foods is too expensive and not everyone wants organic. Senior citizens on fixed incomes could never afford Whole Foods.

  7. I wouldn’t want to see whole foods here. Way too expensive for the neighborhood. Fairway – yes. Expensive as a whole, but has some great sales. I think the store is too small for a fairway.

    I don’t believe another supermarket will take Pathmark’s place, the spot is too small for a modern supermarket.

  8. How about not? We already have a sewer plant, we don’t need a garbage drop off. Let Sanitation take care of recycling – that’s what we pay taxes for.

    We also don’t need any more mice and rats in the neighborhood.

  9. Dude their will be no Whole Foods in that location. The average SB family can not afford to shop in WF every week. But WF or Trader Joe’s would be wonderful to have around.

  10. You are so arrogant and nasty. You’re a Russian and probably get food stamps, free housing and medical. Pigs like you should be collecting garbage. What makes you so special?

  11. This is a shame. It will affect so many people. I feel sorry for the seniors. This is so convenient for them – and there are alot. It is a shame for the employees also. I hope that they build another reasonably priced supermarket there for all of us.

  12. I remember Hills, shoprite, Pathmark. Hills was ages ago -my mother shopped there when I was a kid. Can anyone else remember any other supermarkets on that location?

  13. This is what makes him special, he sits behind his computer acting like a Big shot, when he’s really the scum.

    Also let me justify that Not every Russian gets Free housing in fact there are more African Americans that get Free Housing and Free Medical + Food stamps, yet they own Fancy cars like Bimmers and Mercedes, don’t believe me? go to Pennsylvania ave and just park near a house, you’ll see a few BMW’s pull up and ppl will go to those houses that cost 300 a month lol

    However his comment was pretty fucked up.

  14. They cost $300 a month because the people who live there moved in during that short period of time we had rent control, which made raising rents almost impossible. And they stayed, and passed their rent control status to their kids. Why is this allowed to happen? Because Pennsylvania Avenue would be unrentable otherwise. It would become a ghost town.

    At least that is the conventional thinking here.

    What we are seeing here is a class of black people that has become successful, but still stays in the neighborhood they grew up in. With rent so cheap, why move?

  15. What a recycling center does is take in large items, such as appliances and electronic equipment. It would save money because it require less trucks in operation, and thusly would cut down on overtime.

  16. What a recycling center does is take in large items, such as appliances and electronic equipment. It would save money because it require less trucks in operation, and thusly would cut down on overtime.

  17. I think Trader Joes would be an awesome selection. The closest one is by Court St and Atlantic Ave. And they have no parking lot either. This would be a great location. Also having a store, not under A&P’s umbrella would do well to raise competition and lower prices throughout the neighborhood.

  18. I wish they would put a Fairway or Whole Foods. I personally don’t like Trader Joe’s. But they probably won’t put a WF there, just because the people in the area won’t be able to afford it.

  19. True – but most of Met’s or Key hardly qualify as a modern supermarket. The closest thing we have to a modern market is Stop and Shop and that sucks in comparison to supermarkets in other places.

  20. I think your use of the word “successful” is a bit off the mark. The people who drive BMWs on Pennsylvania Avenue aren’t “successful” in the conventional sense, for a load of reasons, whether you consider the fact that they continue to live in an impoverished area, or you consider the likely fact that ill-gotten gains paid for those BMWs…not truly a success story at all.

  21. I agree with you. I don’t like Trader Joe’s either. If a supermarket does take the spot, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Kosher supermarket take over.

    Or yet another Net Cost. (sigh)

  22. It’s not that small. What about Shop Rite? Aren’t they looking for a second Brooklyn location at Gateway?

  23. Have you seen the Key Food on Flatbush an Sterling? Or on Avenue U near MIll Avenue?

    But the size is the problem. OTOH, one has to consider what the needs of the immediate area are. Is there a demographic to support a Whole Foods there? Perhaps a Whole Foods would be more viable closer to the center of the neighborhood.

  24. But the area needs a supermarket. When Waldbaums closed it took 3 years to work out a deal with Pathmark. Let’s hope this time it doesn’t take another 3 years for someone to move in.

  25. Yea seriously…. Success my Ass…. My Grandmother is suffering paying $1,400 for rent for a studio, with her SS paying her only $800 She’s Suffering…. while these “successful” people are living in the places where older folks are supposed to be living.


  26. I believe Shop Rite closed a number of their New Jersey stores a couple of years ago. Their financial state may not be so good either.

    And they were at that location before Pathmark.

    It’s not small, like the A&Ps of long past. It’s 1960s large. It doesn’t compare to the Shop-Rite on McDonald and Avenue J size wise.

  27. I believe Shop Rite closed a number of their New Jersey stores a couple of years ago. Their financial state may not be so good either.

    And they were at that location before Pathmark.

    It’s not small, like the A&Ps of long past. It’s 1960s large. It doesn’t compare to the Shop-Rite on McDonald and Avenue J size wise.

  28. Not yet. Have you seen how many Kosher businesses have opened on Ave U lately? The orthodox have run out of room in Midwood and are moving into the area in large numbers. It’s certainly a possibility.

    Have you seen the crowds at Pomegranate? Open another one here with parking and it would be a HUGE success.

  29. Hate that store! Everything is over priced and the close at 7 pm. Most people get from work at around 8 pm. That is so stupid!

  30. HOW did a discussion about the closing of a business that’s THE major food source for many elderly (& disabled) people degenerate into YET another idiotic blathering racist, anti-immigrant rant?

    If Sheepshead Bites lost out on a VV mention, it was because of this kind of out of touch, low-grade behavior.

  31. I’m not sure of the size of that store, but the average supermarket today is 46,235 (According to The Food Marketing Institute)

  32. I went there once and was so disappointed at the selection and quality of their meats, I never returned. All they had in quantities were chicken, turkey, and frankfurters (25 different brands.) Virtually no steak or lamb.

  33. I still don’t remember a Shop-Rite there. Shop Rite was on Ocean Ave and Voorhies before Waldbaums. Don’t believe they had two stores so close.

  34. Trader Joe’s, only place that carries my dog’s food.
    And the frozen stuff is so good and the cakes are to die for.
    I go to Court St and the 2 past Kennedy.
    The Trader Joe brand items are wonderful.
    Goddess dressing goes on anything.
    I could have just hit “like”.
    face/palm 😉

  35. Racist, anti-immigrant?
    The business is going to close. period.
    Now it’s about demand and supply. That’s all.
    Racist, you got to be kidding.

  36. The prices are comparable to the inflated prices of other, older establishments.
    They carry fewer “brand names” and order large quantity of high quality items to keep the prices down.
    The buyers also have a sense of green responsibility as to who they purchase from.

  37. Waldbaums/Pathmark/Basics does not stock Boars Head coldcuts, which is why I avoid them, thoguh their Ralph Avenue store is very nice. Either they need to get a competitor, or go in a different direction like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. Suspect the later is much more reasonable price-wise and would be a better fit.

  38. I personally love Trader Joes, but those who are on a fixed income will not be able to afford it. While most of the items are pretty reasonable as price goes, the elderly will never be able to get, let’s say, 2 contaners of OJ for $3 or 2cans of coffee for $5. TJs, as far as I know do not really run sales like they do at supermarkets. Plus, I think that the crowds would be unbelievable.

  39. Have to disagree. Most items are not overpriced. Oh and as for the meat…much higher quality. Try it sometime (along with the tuna salad). Real butchers have always traditionally closed earlier then supermarkets. Though I don’t think 7pm is that early. They are also open 7 days a week.

  40. Aside from not being funny, you are someone who has obviously never shopped at this location. This is another huge loss for the bay.

  41. Yes I would love to see a.whole foods take the place of pathmark…..we need organic products and ppl need more healthier options than the junk we see at pathmark .

  42. What are you talking about?

    Why would whole foods (expensive price tags)
    open by the project for food stamps.

    Very sure that because LOW CLASS people from the projects shop at the store, they have a HUGE theft.

    Am sure if pathmark was making good money, they would not close.

  43. I hope a “Net Cost” Russky market does not open here!! I’ll surely never step one foot in the door!!!!

  44. your a Liar, you know you love paying LESS FOR MORE.

    Also about your name, you might want to get that looked at,.

  45. Employees of this store really didn’t give a done. They did favors for there friends in the project and one of them said they wanted to “Slap my wife” after the auto check out stop for asisstance three times.

  46. you must be delusional, how about stroll along projects in Coney Island area?
    two floor apartments in projects and expensive cars in those project’s parking lots, while getting welfare. Projects are not the same as rent control, I personally knew someone who had a nice job, had 5 room apartment in projects, which she moved to when she did not have that nice job, and was concealing her income to stay there. Going on vacations to exotic places while paying couple a hundred dollars a month for rent with state (our taxes) kicking in the rest. She was African American, but race does not matter in the case of abusing government’s subsidies.
    Wake up, this is not a race issue as much as you would like it to be. I can say the same about Russians who work off the books, illegal Mexicans who have more than few children, Asians, who have cash businesses and pretend to be without income, African Americans with tons of children, Pakistanis, Turks, American Jews, etc.

  47. I agree with ShadowLock.
    You, Marina whatever your name is, need to get that looked at. You know…Itch can be serious, especially in the place you are indicating, like intestinal parasites for example. You need help, professional help. The sooner the better.
    or and visit psychiatrist while you at it, will you? You can use some serotonin inhibitor later…..

  48. that is what happens when store tries to hire kids or people without marketable skills. one of the managers looked like she was strung out on something. cashier once while checking out sucked her teeth and made a face after I asked her to verify if item was a sale item. they would put sale sticker and then put items that were not on sale right on the shelves with the stickers, so it looked like item was the sale one, when in fact it was much more expensive. or did the tricks with size/weight sale items, when you have 8 oz item on sale and they put other size boxes of the same item right on the shelf with the sale sign. dirty tricks.

  49. She (Lisanne) will jump you the minute she thinks you are stereotyping. She is a very liberal soul, thugs and drug dealers are “successful” upwardly mobile black entrepreneurs, Muslims “just want to practice their religion in peace”, etc….
    don’t even bother trying to prove your point

  50. One could simply say that something is a personal opinion, not a fact – and I, for example, wouldn’t say a thing. Everyone is entitled to his or her personal opinion.

    However, when when one is presenting something as a fact (“all Black people are low-lifes” or “Muslims will destroy your property values”), readers who practice critical thinking (including Lisanne) rightfully ask for proof of fact, such as references (preferably to peer-reviewed sources).

    It’s not jumping – it’s science.

  51. Without proof of a statement a person could just be trolling.
    Some intelligent readers might want facts to better digest an article.
    No, it’s not a cooking class.LOL

  52. I’ve learnt a long time ago that bigots are never rational when something triggers one of their unfortunate attacks. Like most people with a paranoid delusion they can spew at length about the particulars, all the while exclaiming that it’s “not about race”. Or religion. Or whatever. If it wasn’t such a common pattern it would be humorous.

    You see, the bigger problem is not “them”. You’re poisoning yourself far more than you’re hurting anyone else. If you are foolish enough to make such pronouncements without the cover of anonymity I am sure that there are people who avoid interacting with you. Most importantly, carrying around such hatred is such a burden.

  53. The only point of bigotry is to avoid taking responsibility for your own life, and your own choices. Why improve yourself when there are other people that are obviously doing all the “terrible” things in the world?

    Quite specifically, you appear to be a societal problem far more serious than those you choose as deflections. Hate is dangerous, and sadly its intensity is amplified when groups of hateful people get together. We’ve seen over and over again how such expression has led to undesirable outcomes.

    Sadly,explaining this to you may be a waste of my time. But you see, someone has to make the effort, even for you.

  54. Are you kidding me? Both of them are awfully expensive and definitely are not an option for people on fixed income.

  55. Science is not just math, despite what most of our schools today would lead you to believe.
    Quote: “Since classical antiquity science as a type of knowledge was closely linked to philosophy. In early modern times the two words, “science” and “philosophy”, were sometimes used interchangeably in the English language.”

  56. In the last 24 hours, I have heard that Food Basics is closing and is moving to the PathMark location and also that Stop N Shop is closing and being replaced by Whole Foods. Can anyone confirm these things?

  57. Once you are in a closing store situation. The store is not considered a Pathmark it is in the hands of the people closing the store. There should be signage stating that your Pathmark card is no longer valid and the liquidators are in charge. So no the sales are not good. The prices are full retail. This is the way of liquidations.


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