Parkview Diner Resurrects Retro 50s Building

Courtesy of Grub Street

After so many years of watching diners close all over the city, the trend may finally be reversing as a new 24-hour diner has opened in the area. You may remember the Retro 50’s diner which closed back in 2007 on Cropsey Avenue. Well, thankfully it was never torn down because Mike Siderakis (of Howard Beach’s Cross Bay Diner) has reopened it as the Parkview Diner. Grub Street (which only scooped us because I’m one lazy cabbie) reports that the menu will go above and beyond the standard diner fare with surf and turf, and pasta choices. If you’re not gonna visit to check out the food then take a gander at this awesome Coney Island glass etching. Let’s hope this puts an end to those nasty rumors about Kings Plaza Diner closing.