Park Slope Neighbor Jose Alzorriz Is The 19 Cyclist To Be Killed This Year

MIDWOOD – Another cyclist is dead due to reckless driving, making 19 total fatalities this year alone, of which 14 were in Brooklyn. At 12:30 pm on August 11, Sunday, an 18-year-old driving southbound on Coney Island Avenue at Avenue L ran a red light and slammed into another car, which spun and struck 52-year-old Jose Alzorriz killing him. 

Jose Alzorriz, Facebook

Despite the community’s efforts to help, Alzorriz suffered severe head trauma and was pronounced deceased upon arrival to Coney Island hospital.

As well as Alzorriz, a 52-year-old pedestrian and the 32-year-old driver of the car that was struck were injured. The other two men are in stable condition and expected to recover, according to NYPD.

So far the teen who was driving the car has not been charged and was released from police custody overnight yesterday.

The police investigation is still “ongoing”, and the name of the 18-year-old driver has not been released.

The crash itself was caught on the dashcam video of the car that was stopped at the light at the intersection. (Warning – it shows the moment of impact)

Jose Alzorriz is the 14 cyclist death in Brooklyn alone this year. 

“Coney Island Avenue is a hostile environment, especially for those not in a vehicle. Designed to move cars as quickly as possible, this street is incompatible with Vision Zero. That’s why we’re calling on the City Council .. to unite behind Speaker Corey Johnson’s Streets Master Plan bill, which would accelerate the schedule of redesigning deadly corridors like Coney Island Avenue. All City Council members, but particularly those in Brooklyn given the devastating concentration of deadly crashes in the borough, should unite and push for passage as soon as possible,” said Joe Cutrufo of Transportation Alternatives.

“When drivers speed and run red lights, the potential for a tragedy is far greater than when a pedestrian or a cyclist disobeys a traffic signal. This horrific crash should serve as a reminder of the enormous responsibility that comes with driving a multi-ton motorized vehicle in New York City,” he added.

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  1. Did I read this story correctly?? The driver was not arrested for failure to stop and vehicular homicide?
    At a minimum, he or she should of been given a ticket for excessive speed and failure to stop!
    What am I missing????

  2. The powers that Be need to stop making bicyclists believe it’s safe to ride in a congested city such as this. Stop placing Citibikes everywhere! Even the safety designs are no help. There is so much traffic on an ordinary day. Add into the mix all the the construction trucks and equipment and there you have it. Disaster! No bike helmet can help you if you’re riding along side big rigs!!! Bikes are for parks and country lanes!

  3. I wish I had known before I clicked on this that the bicyclist is seen being hit. Maybe a warning? I just keep thinking, that poor man. Wrong place at the wrong time. I truly grieve for him. I’m guessing the 18-year-old who ran the red light is feeling bad, but would it be wrong to make him watch this video 100 times with his eyes pinned open, as in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE?

  4. Mefromhere,

    With all due respect, and especially in this case, the “powers that be” need to get people who have no clue how to drive, and obviously no regard for human life, off the roads.

    You do understand that no one is guaranteed the right to drive a car recklessly, right? And you do understand that a pedestrian walking the street because he foolishly believed it’s safe to walk on the sidewalk in a congested city like this, is alive only by chance and inches?

    If you’re from here, here is Bayridge.

  5. I hope that at least a few of the cycling advocates in NYC will watch this video and realize that the basic facts of life in NYC make it too dangerous for cycling. More bike lanes will not fix the problem. More righteous indignation will not fix the problem. If you want to live, put aside the bike. There are 19 people this year who should have followed this advice.

  6. @Rebecca: I think driving is too dangerous in NYC! I mean, both drivers were injured! And last year 96 motorists and 120 pedestrians were killed by reckless drivers. NYC really needs to design streets that reduce the risk of injury or death for all users.

  7. It is amazing how many people want to blame bicyclists rather than the people driving motor vehicles. And yet, none of them are saying “it is too dangerous to walk on the sidewalks in NYC” despite people like Craver writing about how pedestrians and motorists are killed at far higher numbers.

    Mind boggling how much people think that cars and people driving cars should have rights above and beyond anything else.

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