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Park Slope Native Ian Olasov Is Going To Make You Think At A New Library Lecture Series


Ian Olasov

A new discussion series called the Brooklyn Public Philosophers (BKPP) is meeting monthly at the Central Library, and Park Slope native Ian Olasov is the big thinker behind it. Currently residing in Ditmas Park, he’s a philosophy professor who has organized this forum for philosophers working in the greater Brooklyn area to discuss their work with a general audience.

If it sounds like it could be above your head, think again. He recently spoke with Ditmas Park Corner about how the upcoming topics — this month’s event, The Future of Whiteness, will cover social identity and race — will feature ideas that are not just interesting, but practically useful.

“Philosophy is often thought of as very removed from issues of everyday concern, or the things that ordinary people think about and talk about most of the time,” Ian said. “I want BKPP to show how wrong that characterization can be.”

See more of the story behind the series (and some more about Ian) at DPC, and then stop by to see the upcoming talk at the Central Library, 10 Grand Army Plaza, on Wednesday, January 29 at 7pm.

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