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Parish Cocktail Bar And Lounge Now Open On 7th Avenue


Parish Bar by Lisanne Mackenzie

You don’t necessarily need to trek down to 5th Avenue to belly up to the bar anymore. The long-awaited Parish cocktail bar and lounge just opened at 223 7th Avenue, between 3rd and 4th Streets, and they’re looking forward to welcoming neighbors in for a drink.

Behind the solid wood door is a cozy, full bar with an inviting lounge area in the back, and with both the atmosphere and the prices, they tell us they’re hoping to make it the kind of place you’ll feel is comfortable enough to stop in for a drink on your way home from work.

In addition to some wines on tap — Acrobat’s organic Pinot Noir and organic Pinot Gris (from Oregon) and an Italian Malbec — and in bottles, they’ve got eight draught beers (with a focus on Belgium and Germany, plus craft brews from Oregon, Colorado, California, and New York), and a seasonal cocktail menu featuring drinks made with fresh-squeezed juices and other fresh ingredients.

Prices for the wines on tap and draught beers are $6-7, and cocktails are around $8. They’re also working on a small charcuterie menu, which they hope to keep around $10.

They note that everything is still a bit of a work in progress, but that they were excited to open, and will continue to develop what they offer in the coming weeks.

Has anyone been in yet? What’d you think?

Parish is located at 223 7th Avenue, 718-788-1710. Hours are Monday-Thursday 4pm-1am, Friday-Sunday noon-late. No website yet, but keep an eye out. Photo via Parish.

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  1. Is this just totally a bar? Nothing else? Just a bar? Because we haven’t had a real bar on 7th Avenue in years!

  2. Never mind,, I take it back. they are going to have a charcuterie menu. So, it’s not a regular real stand alone bar.

  3. I know I sound ancient (I’m really not, just lived here a long time). but back when I first moved here, there were tons of stand alone bars on 7th Avenue. Including the corner where the realtor is at 7th Avenue and President and where Area Kids is across from Astoria Federal.

    And, that’s only naming 2.

  4. So I was pretty excited about this bar and popped in for a drink. Always want to be supportive of someone going out on a limb in a new venture and really want you guys to stay, as great local bar on 7th Ave would be so much fun. With that in mind, a couple of improvements. 1. Spend a week going around all the *popular* bars in Park Slope, Fort Greene, Williamsburg. Dumbo etc and get to know the feel of Brooklyn dining/drinking both with drinks, food and service. 2. Get some girls working there, and maybe turn off the sport – awful lot of testosterone in the air (it was a little intimidating to walk in) 3. Put in a dryer, face cloths or some paper towels, drying your hands on Bounty, with a special Bounty holder and a huge basket of Bounty beside it soaking up urine from the floor – felt a little odd. There are a lot of moms around here and they don’t even want to think about Bounty on a night out 4. Have an official opening night and welcome the neighborhood – I’m afraid we don’t all leap from our seats at the suggestion of organic wine. 5. That big black solid door?, change it with a nice welcoming one (with glass), unless you’re going for the speakeasy look, in which case you’re going to have to try a lot harder on the cocktail menu/service/decor. Go and visit the Manhattan speakeasies, PDT, Bathtub Gin, Employees Only etc. However, I would go for a good welcoming warm local – safer option. Best of luck with it, and please Park Slope – go and have a drink and see what you think!

  5. You’re in the best looking bar in park slope complaining about the paper towels in the bathroom? Telling them to go look at dive bars to copy? You must be own some local bar and feel threatened. Nice try though!

  6. Stopped in with a couple of friends. Gorgeous oasis. I could actually have a conversation in a nice, sophisticated setting without being drowned out by loud music. Appreciate the design details including the lovely woodwork on the ceiling. I especially like the fact that Parish doesn’t scream for attention.

  7. Hay Matt, don’t get your panties in a knot. I wasn’t criticizing your mates bar. I was just suggesting a couple of things that might make it more attractive to females (50% of their potential clients). As I said, when I visited I found it a little intimidating (but maybe that’s just me or could have been an off night). I’m just someone who lives in Park Slope, I don’t own a bar and I have no expertize in bar interiors. Just mentioned what I observed because I want the bar to stay around, it’s nice having a bar around the corner. I wish them and you the very best of luck.

  8. She’s right – way too much testosterone in there. Get a female bartender or two. Best of luck on your new venture.


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