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Panel Votes To Close Sheepshead Bay High School, Dewey High School

Sheepshead Bay H.S. students protest the DOE's plans before a March hearing (Photo by Robert Fernandez)

Sheepshead Bay High School and John Dewey High School will close doors in June, a city panel decided last night despite objections from those closest to the schools.

The schools are both targeted for reform using a federal “turnaround model” – which requires firing at least half the staff. The plan has spurred condemnation from parents, teachers and students as we’ve previously reported.

The Panel for Education Policy made the final decision last night, when they voted to close all 24 high schools on the agenda at the five-hour meeting.

The schools will reopen under new names in September, flooded with as much as $1.5 million each in federal funds to get the schools back on track.

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  1. CBA to read that whole blog. Can someone summarize what the 24 schools are that are getting the turnaround treatment? 

  2. This is outrageous! Where are all the children supposed to go? This asshat doesn’t care about New Yorkers and is allowed to do whatever he wants without anyone asking any questions. Everything Bloomberg does should be null and void for his third term which he illegally brought and entitled himself too. Every court in the land should be looking in to and overturning everything this shallow little man is doing.

  3. It’s a given that you can read as you’ve found your way here, BUT the schools aren’t going to be boarded up and door shut.  ”
    Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott reminded parents that the failing schools will be replaced by new ones this fall. ”  Scream about Mayor Bloomberg all you want, his wasn’t the deciding factor in this situation.

    Why in the world does anyone want to keep a corrupt system in place when it clearly isn’t working.  Time for change. And that does mean new programs, teachers moved and tons of other improvements.
    A little reality check here – the schools that are being closed (only to be reopen) NEED to be fixed. Throwing money at the problem would never have solved it.

  4. They are supposed to go back to school when it reopens with a new program in place.  Where do you think they should go?

  5. It’s ironic that your first sentence spews despicable sarcasm at an innocent reader, because your remaining 19 digits are rendered useless because of your ignorance of the issue. I presume that’s why your name is ANON-Y-MOUS!!!! When you don’t know what you’re talking about, you should remain ANONYMOUS!!!

     ******************* HERE’S YOUR REALITY CHECK *******************The May 2011 (Yes, I said 2011) meeting of the School Leadership Team of Sheepshead Bay High School initiated the academy structure that now exists on its website: in the Academy Pamphlet under News and Announcements. The Department of Education approved the plan and designated funds to complete the restructuring, along with an Education Partner Organization, sponsored by Johns Hopkins University. However, when the same Department of Education decided to change the established bargaining parameters with the teacher’s union in September 2011, they refused to honor their agreement with the schools administration in December 2011. Now, the same Department of Education wants the community to believe that they created this new structure, and that they got rid of the so-called bad teachers. Quite the contrary! The administrators, teachers and staff spent their summer (July & August 2011) and weekends from September to December in seminars formulating the new strategies, and integrating them into the curriculum under the tutelage of the Johns Hopkins University facilitators. So we, the community, should be screaming at Mayor Bloomberg as much as we can, telling him that his “one size fits all” policies, directives and executive orders are destructive when they do not take into account the individuals who have toiled through the days and months to re-build the foundation of an institution that has valiantly served Sheepshead Bay and its surrounding communities for more than 5 decades.      

  6. Your sarcasm wreaks of the cynicism of someone who was not raised in Brooklyn … But if you were, God Help You!!! 

  7. Since you’re not part of the solution … You’re part of the problem!!! … If that’s what you really want to happen, I suppose you’ve forgotten your civic duty!!!

  8. Dewey too? wow … head-shot!

    and where will these students will be transferred now? they will be put in the better schools? to make them worse ? 

  9. I understand your feelings, but really, that sort of outcome can’t be good for any of us. 

    But lets be realistic, they are not going to be let out onto the streets. They will go back to the same school, that will operate under a different name, getting the same results. 

    Honestly, “closing down the schools” just seems like a cosmetic answer to a deep tissue problem. We don’t need to rename the school, we don’t need to fire away all the teachers… I’m no expert, i know very little about this issue in order to even formulate an opinion, truly, … but the idea that doing all this will somehow change the situation just seems so bogus. 

    Why can’t we leave the school name the same, retrain the teachers and create special programs to involve those students that are failing in schools?

    There is a whole student culture that needs to be changed, not just the name.  This is a very big problem, not just in Brooklyn, but in most inner cities. And the problem is a lot more complicated, i suspect, than its being presented to us. 

  10. lmao…   and thanks for confirming that you really don’t understand sarcasm.
    oh, and another thanks for the prayer! can never go wrong with a little help from the Almighty! 

    (holding up the sarcasm card)

  11. Most of these kids come from other neighborhoods.  Perhaps they could go closer to home.  I find it rediculous that they cut bus service all over Sheepshead Bay, but spend alot of money to have special B44s that run from Farragut Road to SBHS, even on the weekends to transport kids to the school and football games.  Give us back our regular B4 and B36 service, and don’t worry so much about other neighborhoods.  Everyone would be able to manage very well, if they weren’t so catered to.


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