Oxygen Network Responds To Stereotyping Charges

After Councilman Vincent Gentile, Senatorial hopeful Andrew Gounardes, and State Senator Diane Savino, along with an assembly of successful Bay Ridge women, held a press conference condemning reality show Brooklyn 11223, the Oxygen Network – which is planning to debut the show in March – responded with a statement received via e-mail by Bensonhurst Bean asking viewers to watch the show before passing judgement on its producers’ portrayal of life in Bay Ridge.

“Viewers can decide for themselves on March 26 when the story of ‘Brooklyn 11223’ begins to unfold and we meet this authentic group of friends set against the vibrant backdrop of the great and diverse Borough of Brooklyn,” said Julie Rothman from NBC Universal, which owns the Oxygen Network.

Meanwhile at Councilman Gentile’s press conference, local pols and residents came out against the event.

“It’s crass, it’s crude and – when it comes to the women of Bay Ridge – it is hopelessly wrong!”, Councilman Gentile said. “The producers didn’t even get the zip code right!”

Senator Diane Savino called on the restaurants and nightclubs of Bay Ridge not to allow the show to film in their establishments as they will show the neighborhood, women, Italians and Brooklyn in a negative light. She noted, according to a statement from Gentile’s office. “This is not the Jersey Shore, this is Brooklyn; we fight back!”


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