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Overflowing Public Garbage Could Be Deadly During Hurricane


I know, I know. We harp enough about garbage problems in Sheepshead Bay. But I just took a walk down Sheepshead Bay Road, and what I saw was particularly galling.

Just about every public garbage can on Sheepshead Bay Road looks like the one above, or worse. Containers and bags sit around them, and some even have planks of wood or sheets of metal and plastic near them.

As Hurricane Sandy passes through, the area is expected to see gale force winds, meaning all of these objects may get launched like a rocket into the air, potentially injuring anyone unlucky enough to be in their way, or posing a threat to glass storefronts and parked cars.

Meanwhile, the city is emphatically reminding us to tie down objects in our yards.

Anyone else see a problem here?

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  1. I also see a problem with shutting down the subways, buses and bridges and not declaring a City holiday for City workers. Why should someone who wants to come to work be docked a day’s pay when the City is making it impossible for them to do so?

  2. City workers such as fire, police, sanitation and Emt’s all welcome and please do report to work. TY John/Mary Public.

  3. Sanitation is working their way around the District emptying the corner trash cans and pushing them against near-by buildings. Sheepshead Bay Road will be done before this evening.

  4. I couldn’t agree more. If you are a 911 operator or a cop or something, you know that this goes with the territory. However, if you are a paper pusher for some city agency, you are not an essential employee that needs to serve the public tomorrow, and it isn’t fair that you will be docked a sick day when the city has basically made it impossible for you to get to work. The mayor is always telling people to bike and take public transportation, but now the people who do just that and don’t have cars will be punished for no reason.

  5. Just took a walk on sheepshead bay road. There is a garbage truck driving around emptying trash cans. Did someone say Overtime Pay!!!

  6. New Jersey’s gov christie was smart enough to close non essential public offices. Bloomberg makes city workers lose a days pay so he doesnt have to pay essential workers overtime. It is a bookeeping trick not an example of good decision making.

  7. Schools are closed for the kids, teachers, school aids, paras, lunch staff BUT the custodians and the cleaners/firemen have to report as usual. We get no credit for having to work through every snowstorm, blizzard, hurricane. It’s an emergency so we are required to report or risk firing. But no raise in 5 years, Thanks Mr. Mayor for using and abusing us. How am I getting in? I still don’t know…..

  8. It is a really scummy thing to do. Once public transit is closed, the decision is made for most people. How people voted for this dirtbag a third time is beyond me.


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