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Outdoor Information Sessions About Future Of Gateway To Be Held At Riis Park

Source: djprybyl / Flickr

Two outdoor information sessions concerning the future of Gateway National Park will be held at Jacob Riis Park, Queens, on August 4 and August 10 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Two-day sessions will also be held in Sandy Hook, New Jersey, and Great Kills Park on Staten Island.

The information sessions are part of the Jamaica Bay Gateway Management Plan Comment Period, which began July 17 and runs through September 21, 2012. More open houses are planned for September.

To learn more, go here and here.

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  1. I hope Riis Park gets rejuvenated. It’s such a beautiful beach. I used to go there back in the 80’s. In fact I wandered onto the nude beach the last or next-to-last day ever of nudity in July, 1983(nope, I didn’t go nude, the EPA has a specific law that Bruce B may not go nude on a beach).

        I also wish there were ferries along the whole southern coast of Brooklyn. What a waste of beauty, if you don’t have a car, it’s tough getting around. Was in Rockaway today, another beautiful place that looks like it’s seen its better days unfortunately. Gosh, probably after I’m dead, all these areas will be restored to true great oceanfront property and entertainment and greatness.

       Which brings me to my favorite Riis Park story (which has nothing to do with the article, but I don’t care), a story that gave me laughs to this day.
        I was with a friend at Riis Park. We kept walking east. I knew we’d hit the gay/lesbian bay. We did. But my friend didn’t know we were in a lesbian area. He goes over to hit on an attractive woman, while I start talking to her friend (again, I know, but my pal doesn’t so I’m just talking, he’s trying to pick up).   
        Finally, the woman talking to my friend had enough. She says to him  “are you gay?” He says “no”.   She says:
                                “WELL, YOU ARE TODAY”.
        At which point I say, “Dave, we’re on a gay beach”. The girls are howling, I couldn’t suppress it either. A classic line, delivered with impeccable timing!
        Unfortunately, my friend, being a homophobe, turns white, and says “Bruce, let’s get the f**k out of here”.   I tortured him, I said, “I’m not going anywhere, sit down”. I made him stay there. The jerk wouldn’t even go in the water, he thought you could get HIV from the ocean. So I enjoyed a swim, then I let him off the hook and we left.

  2. Will Mayor for Life be announcing the next phase in the Final Solution for the area wildlife? Will they be announcing the gassing of Sparrows and Egrets in the name of public safety? Possibly the widespread use of Agent Orange to defoliate the area? Then we could apply for several billion in Federal Aid to “restore” the area again, before announcing a new round of cleansing.

  3. Wonderful story about “gay beach.” 

    What Brooklyn really needs is a “pedophile” beach. Why should such a large segment of the Brooklyn “Community” and the friends and victims of Andrew Cuomo’s boss be forced to hide? Give them and the many pedophiles masquerading as NYC teachers a place to enjoy themselves.One generations “pervert” is another’s “oppressed minority.”

  4. I remember the nude beach was bay 1 or 2. We used to ride our bikes into bay 14 in the 70’s. I’ll never forget the the group of guys who had a blowup Budweiser couch and they used spend all day drinking beer in the sun. Can’t imagine how they could get out of bed on monday morning.

  5. Must have hit close to the mark on that to get you all riled up… Hmm you must be a pedophile teach masquerading as an NYC teacher or one of Blutrich’s enablers/friends.

    Hope you get your beach soon……………..


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