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Ouch! Coney Teen Sues Cyclone Operators Over Chipped Tooth

Teen’s tooth not pictured, but still, Ow. Souce: toastforbrekkie via Flickr

As a kid, I remember all the urban legend horror stories shared on bus rides to Six Flags Amusement Park in New Jersey. One tale that sticks out is of a woman’s scalp being ripped off as it got tangled on the ride that just plummets straight down. I was never sure if these gory stories were real or not. While not nearly as horrifying, apparently some people do experience terrible mishaps on rides.

According to a report in the New York Post, a teenage boy who chipped his four front teeth while riding the Cyclone back in 2011, is suing the ride’s operator. Apparently, the safety bar snapped. Scary…

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  1. Dental work is expensive, AND if you do have dental insurance, it may not cover in an accident like this and may require you sue for costs.

  2. interesting timing. Someone does not Coney Island. This story is released on the same day as grand-re-opening after Sandy


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