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Ornamental Flag Pole Removed From Pier 3 On Emmons


A contractor was on the scene last Thursday ripping out a damaged flag pole from the end of Pier 3, at Emmons Avenue and Bedford Avenue. The pole has been leaning over since at least last summer.

No word yet from the Parks Department – which manages the Sheepshead Bay marina – on when or if the flag pole will be replaced.

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  1. def a breaking news story.  🙂

    on a serious note Ned – maybe you could do something on Steve AKA “Stevie Eagle” – a sheepshead bay born and raised boatman, known to virtually every SB boat owner/captain as an incomparable helping hand.  Stevie spent his last 8 or so years At Stella Maris – another SB staple. (though he was tied to them since childhood)  Stevie passed away this past Friday.


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