Opponents of Same-Sex Marriage Ticked At Savino’s Sign

(photo by Gene Cosgriff via silive.com)

The above photo, taken by Staten Island Right to Life Coalition member Gene Cosgriff, was sent to the Staten Island Advance last week. Included in the e-mail was a statement from Cosgriff stating that State Senator Diane Savino “seems to have forgotten that as a representative of all of her  constituents, she is supposed to respect diverse opinions, even those  with which she doesn’t agree.”

Savino insists that the sign above her office mailbox, which instructs ‘bigots & homophobes’ to ‘please put your literature here’ was in response to pornographic images left by opponents of same-sex marriage who were from outside of her district.

“Some of the people who were from the Albany area — no NYC or  constituents — were incredibly offensive,” Ms. Savino told the Advance. “I am not  going to tolerate people coming into my office, threatening my staff or  me. Ugly, hateful rhetoric is not allowed.”

Saturday, the Advance’s website silive.com reported that the sign had been taken down the day before. In an e-mail to the newspaper, the Senator stated that the harassing visits which prompted her office to post the notice had ceased.

State Senator Diane Savino represents District 23,  which includes much of the North Shore of Staten Island. In Brooklyn,  District 23 includes Coney Island, as well as parts of Bay Ridge, Sunset  Park, Borough Park and Bensonhurst.

silive.com Sign outside Sen. Savino’s Albany office put ‘bigots’ on notice