Open Thread Whenever: Delayed

Good morning, readers.

I know that after a five day absence, you’re all waking up this morning and rushing to your glowing screens to refresh Sheepshead Bites (which, naturally, you’ve left open this entire time). Well, tough luck. My flight back to New York City was cancelled because of a storm, and they’ve put me on a flight this afternoon. I’ll be back soon, and we’ll return to our normal programming tomorrow.

And boy will it be something. Among the things we’ve got lined up is another piece from reporter Joe Maniscalco, who covered the mosque protests for us this weekend; a column from Daniel Gershberg; a slew of tips sitting in my e-mail inbox; and our usual midweek photo.

Start drooling for Bites, baby.

For the moment, I’ll try to get some stuff up to whet your appetite while I still have (brief) access to this computer. Do use this open thread as a space to contribute news from your block to fellow readers – or just to rant and rave about anything.