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Open Thread: What Are Sheepshead Bites’ Greatest Victories?


Sheepshead Bites has done quite a bit in the last four years, and now we’re being asked to list some of our greatest victories.

As an award-winning news outlet and recognized leader in the rise of hyperlocal online news publications sprouting across the nation, Sheepshead Bites is taking its mission one step further, being one of the founding members of a soon-to-be-announced national trade association to serve the interests of publishers like us, to help create journalism jobs, and strengthen a struggling industry.

Part of that requires telling the stories of our victories, educating the public, other media and potential colleagues about the great work that can be accomplished through outlets like ours. And so the trade association is putting together what we’ve begun to call our “Book of Awesome.”

The association leadership has asked us to submit a handful of examples where our reporting has helped make a difference. In turn, we’re asking you: how has Sheepshead Bites helped improve your life or your community?

Very often, when we meet our readers, we get a “Thanks a lot for your great coverage of ________. It really helped me!”

That’s what we want to hear. There’s a stand-out moment for just about every reader where our coverage surpassed all others and helped you, your family or your business. Share that moment with us, so we can share it with the world.


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  1. I wish I could come up with a defining moment but all I can think of is a long list of accomplishments. A great newspaper never rests on its accomplishments. And sometimes the same causes have to be espoused again and again. Like the constant attempts to keep our streets clean. The articles written on the subject are important; it’s a health and safety issue, as well as an aesthetic one.

  2. I agree with Lisa Anne that your focus on the sanitation (ie. dumping under our subway trestles) did a lot to improve the quality of life and health too. I sent you a number of emails about the issue and the Bites was very responsive. Now, go after thost over-flowing litter baskets on Avenue U. Well done Nedderick.

  3. I don’t know if it helps, but hyperlocal sites are FANTASTIC for people who have moved but want to keep in touch with their old neighborhood.

  4. I’m sure I’m not the only one who was glued to SB during the whole Maksim Gelman ordeal. Sheepshead Bites was giving facts hours before they hit other sources.

  5.  You just gave an example of how these stories have to redrawn repeatedly. Three years ago we actually got some action on the garbage problem on Avenue U. (I took the photos) A year and a half later the situation had to be brought up again. And it’s getting bad now, time for Sheepshead Bites to take another look.

  6. Ned, I agree with Lisanne. The quality of life issues have opened many eyes in many departments of the city. Sanitation and PD have responded to issues you exposed or highlighted. You helped better our neighborhood and that is #1.
    A few other accomplishment need to be mentioned honorably. 
    Your coverage of the Mosque, Turkish Culture Center and Amnity School in the long run (after the clawing and biting by “Some” readers) has welcomed the Muslim to out community.Keeping us informed as to what our elected officials are or are not accomplishing helps keep a flame under “Some” of their butts. We all know they are checking out Bites to get feedback from a tough audience.Passing along local and not so local events before they happen enables us to attend many good times we would have missed.
    Raising money and helping lost or found animals is a job well done.
    To keep walking that line in the middle and remaining unbiased in print is tuff and you do it well…..even though you may have crossed the line when it came to the mention of food. 😉

  7. Not to toot my own horn – but A Taste of Sheepshead Bay was a great accomplishment. It was a great celebration of the neighborhood. It raised the profile of the neighborhood in the foodie world. And every restaurant owner I spoke to after the event told me that they saw an increase in business. 

    It was also the first step to bringing the local businesses, old and new, together. 

  8. Ned, I like this one. It speaks to what the trade group is looking for: how you impacted local communities with the editorial direction of your publication and why there is a continuing need for this type of publication.

  9. This is an ongoing situation from Ave U to sheepshead Bay its a mess. I thnk we should all get together and clean the streets. I went and cleaned Neck Road last week by the sewer was a load of Garbage and by the stairs. This is sanitation work we are to over populated & people don’t care. This is our community & something has to be done with this overflow of garbage. This is my opinion. Its all about the stench and the smells around the neighborhood.

  10. It has to be said that this isn’t the first time you’ve done that. Sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands when the authorities charged with such responsibilities fail us. You are an excellent example for all of us to follow.

  11. Yes, it was a great accomplishment. The problem with trying to select a couple of examples is that media at its best does good for its community in so many ways.

  12. Lisa, anne, Georgia, all good ideas, but this problem is strictly a Bloomberg/Doherty decision  to make basket collection part of regular routes instead of dedicated Sanitation Basket collection schedule. DoS Commish gets a lot of good publicity but in real life the streets are flithy and have that lazy, hazy,crazy summertime stink.  Even Radio Talk show host Michael Savage recently visted NYC – his home town- and talks about how how dirty the streets and smelly they are.


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