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Open Thread: Remember The Old Gang (Video)


I didn’t have much to say for today’s open thread, so my plan was to turn to YouTube and drop in a random video of a cat nursing a puppy or something. But, when I logged in, this video came up as featured. It’s a video that a (former?) resident put together that stitches together photos of Sheepshead Bay from what appears to be the 1970s to the 1990s.

I feel like it’s a little bit of an invasion of the maker’s privacy, as most of the photos feature his old friends and neighbors around Brown Street and Haring Street between Avenue Z and Voorhies Avenue. But then, I figured, it’s on YouTube, right? To heck with privacy.

And besides, I’m betting more than a couple of you will recognize some faces in this video. Let us know who they are and what they’re up to now!

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  1. At 1:52, 5:47 and frame right at 6:21 looks like Larry Tannenbaum. It appears to be Steve Greenstein at 4:08.

    Eh, I’m not much for this nostalgia thing m’self.

  2. I tried the commercial boxed mix. It was OK. Scared the hell out of me. There should be a warning on the box concerning the food dye!!
    Lords @ the junction.

  3. Truly amazing….brought me to tears…please try to figure out who the players are.  I am in tears.   Loved this and will re post on my facebook!!!


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