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Open Thread: Osama Is Dead, A Local Narrative


There were many things that ran through my mind last night as I heard the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death. A spark of morbid pleasure, fear of retaliation, disgust at the images the media chose to broadcast, and a bit of that bombastic American idealism that delights at justice delivered.

The last thing we need is another article drudging up the emotions and memories of September 11. But, like you, I remember it. I was here. That day holds meaning for me. And now, with the death of Bin Laden, some are saying we’ve come full circle and ended a chapter of history. I won’t muse on that.

But this narrative of 9/11 and Bin Laden, it’s a New York City narrative as much – if not more – than a national and international one. To New Yorkers, the pursuit of Bin Laden wasn’t just a story about a global struggle against terrorism. It was the story of our families, friends and loved ones, real people, for whom our nation metes out justice.

Now we’ve certainly ended a chapter that for us rings so much closer to home than a withdrawal of troops from some far-flung land or the election of a new politician. We’ve ended one that affects New Yorkers’ personal need for closure more than any. And we’ve ended a local story, a personal story, a concrete story.

What does Osama Bin Laden’s death mean to you?

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  1. i really do not see how the chapters ended. osamas been a nobody for the past 5 years +, tons of our freedoms are still gone (and with killing osama, im sure they will take away more to protect us from retaliation), the cia has become militarized, we are still never leaving the middle east east until ww3 happens (which will suck, china, russia, and mid east vs usa and the eu? we could lose this one) and i can go on and on. people celebrating this like a sporting event fucking scare me btw. it shows me personally no one has any clue whats happening in the world. this seems to be a ploy for obama to be re elected. and whats the deal with osamas beard being black and why did we dump him into the fucking ocean so fast.

  2. I was wondering about the ocean part. If they buried him there would be a place for people to make him a martyr.
    Now #2 becomes #1.

  3. and so on and so on. this seems to be a way obama can just get re elected. we are not leaving the desert, wars not over, our freedoms havent returned and the dollar will still shrink and gas prices will keep going up. the majority of this planet are brainwashed slaves, always has been always will be. wish i was clever and evil enough to manipulate people, i might be president one day!

  4. First off, I was very close to WTC that day, about 5 minutes walk east. I saw the first plane sticking in the building. The debris was hitting our windows. I fled with a hankie over my mouth over the Manhattan Bridge (they had closed the Brooklyn Bridge), and walked all the way to first stop of the 68 bus down by Prospect Park Southwest. I have had sporadic plane crash dreams since.

    Thus, nobody can blame me for waking up, hearing the news, and being quite overjoyed at the news. It made my day. Justice was served as much as it could be. Great job by the special-ops guys, true American heroes, brave souls, jumping into a place 10000 miles from home. Glad they shot the mother and didn’t take him captive. Imagine the political ramifications of that. Great job by Bush initiating the effort, and Obama continued the effort had some very difficult decisions to make, and he made them, and evidently correctly. To those of my fellow conservatives yelling “he did nothing”, I say, how would you like to be sitting there and have to make the choices? Nope, not me, not for a zillion bucks.

    i’m disappointed that all i see all over the internet is “obama did nothing, it was bush”, or “bush did nothing, obama deserves all the credit”. I really hate calling people uneducated, because it wreaks of snobbery, but what else can i say? People treat every issue like a football game: “My team is great, your team sucks”. It scares me that people are 100% loyal to a candidate, agree with every single policy, without thinking. That’s the stuff that brought Hitler to power, playing on emotions with a drop of false history thrown in. The internet seems to have made people dumber and more close-minded.

    Getting back to Bin Laden, I agree with Mr. Berke that displays of celebration were not in the best of taste, and doesn’t show USA in the best of light. Can’t blame the media, though, they were just reporting what spontaneously popped up. I can’t see joining a public celebration myself. I just internally celebrated. It was my personal revenge for that day.

    Unfortunately, just like the capture of Saddam Hussein didn’t end the Iraqi war (as people at the time thought it would), I’m afraid the war on terror will go on to. But historians have written that terror comes in waves historically. We can win it, but the resolve must be there.

  5. Did you notice who was celebrating? They were all “kids”. I thought I was watching the ball drop on New Years eve. One question. Why was he “killed” and not “assassinated” as reported by the press. Do you have to be a good person to be “assassinated”?

  6. these are all Great points.

    to bad this is just a Blog where mostly trolls hang out 🙁

  7. Now I understand why he was “killed” and not “assassinated.” It was revealed today that he was first given the opportunity to surrender, but refused.

  8. I felt elated when I first heard the news but I think it’s more symbolic justice than anything else. The press likens his death to that of cutting off the head of a snake but it’s more like cutting off a head of the Hydra – two more will grow in it’s place. I really don’t think we’re any safer than we were two days ago. The media loves Obama right now because he supposedly had the balls to order the assault team to enter pakistan without the permission of their government. i think he said he would do this if need be and, sure enough, that’s just what he did. It would be hysterical if Trump appeared on news demanding to see the body.

  9. It took nearly 10 years, but some things are definitely worth waiting for. Hope the bastard rots in HELL! Thank you to the Special Forces team that got him.

  10. I noticed that also. What were these kids, like maybe between 8 and 10 years old when 9/11 happened? The party mentality was very immature.

  11. Interesting question. At first I thought, yeah, good people are assassinated, and bad people are killed. But we always do refer to attempts on Hitler’s life as “assassination” attempts.
    I think all political figures get “assassinated” (well, you know what i mean; don’t be so hopeful!). Us common folk just get murdered.
    Perhaps Bin Laden was “killed”, not “assassinated” because the meaning has changed,the perception being that yes, bad people are “killed”.

  12. As I said above, if in fact he was given the opportunity to surrender but refused, that would rule out “assassination.”

  13. I personally believe the media is lying to us, but thats just me…. And since the Media has been showing us like 5 different pictures of bin laden i choose not to believe of his existence. If you need to hold anyone responsible for 9-11, you should Hold the one who is Actually Responsible for it, and not Blame someone else just cause you want their Oil.

  14. Look i found another one…….

    What you gonna tell me thats the Gas from the planes exploding? ignorance is Fail!


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