Open Thread: On Government Waste

Every wonder why we pay so much in taxes?  It’s because of phenomenal amounts of waste at all levels of government.

Recently, we had several special elections in our district costing millions of dollars. A friend of mine just told me the following story which seems to epitomize goverment waste.  Laid off a few years ago, she attempts to find little bits of work wherever she can find it: temporary census worker, poll watcher, etc. So she signed up to work at the polls during the recent Republican Primary and is assigned to a poll site in East New York.

For whatever legal reason, polls need to be set up in nursing homes because residents are not able to get to other polling locations. She is assigned to one such site. Although there are only four registered Republican voters at the site, a normal complement of 12 poll workers are assigned.  Now here is the best part. Since the last election, three of the four voters passed away. That leaves one voter.  So all 12 workers sit and wait the entire day for the one voter to arrive and must stay there until the polls close although the voter has already voted. Now there has to be a better way.  Absentee ballot perhaps?

Do you have any examples of government waste?