Open Thread: New Beginnings

With just over one month left until the New Year, I’m getting a head start at a fresh slate.

A number of things in both my personal and professional life are turning around. Some for better, some for worse, but all different. The changes pile on, one after the other, tipping the scales in favor of wholesale evolution.

And I feel good about it. Really good.

That’s not to say I’m not nervous, or that I don’t look at the new tasks and challenges in front of me and consider a run for the hills. But why get stuck on that?

So here we are, this Monday morning, a new week shortly before a new year, and in me a new yearning for achievement.

But not everything is new. You are not new. I’ve faced a lot of “new” in the past two and a half years since Sheepshead Bites launched, from jobs to housing situations to social circles and more. But the one constant has been you.

So thank you, readers, for giving me roots. And for allowing me the opportunity to do what I do, the first job of mine that instills such immense pride and contentment. Without you, the fresh slate, the current challenges, the blank pages ahead would seem insurmountable.

Keep reading, folks. Otherwise I wouldn’t know what else to do.