Open Thread Mondays: What Do You Do?

Sheepshead Bites wants to know what you do for a living.

Why are we asking? Well, we know a fair amount about our readers from the interactions we have with you. But we still don’t know much about your professions. And we figure this is a pretty good way to figure out how we can serve you better – by knowing what you do during the day. For example, if we find we have a lot of work-at-home freelancers, we can probably work up some good features about free wi-fi locations, or advantages to freelancing from Sheepshead Bay. If a lot of you are teachers, or union members, or doctors – et cetera, et cetera – we can dream up some cool, useful and unique resources for you.

So let us know what you do, and we’ll try and figure out a way to help you do it better.

Here, I’ll go first. I’m a journalist. Hmm… I think starting a news website might be a good resource for me.

And done! Thank you Sheepshead Bites!

See how easy that is? Your turn…


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