Open Thread Mondays: What A Nice Snow Day!

Doggie photo taken this weekend, submitted by Yelena K.

The weekend came and went and we finally saw the first semi-serious snowfall of the season, with approximately four inches blanketing Sheepshead Bay.

It looked pretty, and was just the right texture that made shoveling a breeze. As for the government, they stayed ahead of the curve, canceling planned track work on the subways, suspending alternate side of the street parking, and kept their new Severe Weather website relatively up-to-date.

And now, two days later, warm weather and light rains are clearing out what was left behind.

Not too shabby. We only wish more snowfalls and responses unfurled like this.

But that’s not to say things were perfect everywhere. Some blocks were not plowed as quickly as residents would like, and some homeowners and small businesses preferred to slack on shoveling rather than to do their duty as neighbors. Also, it was cold. Who the hell likes the cold? Not I, not I…

So, we’re acknowledging the good stuff. Tell us about the bad… or, you know, about anything else, since it’s an open thread and all.