Open Thread Mondays: We’re Not Hinting At Anything…

… Really. We’re not. No announcements to make here, folks.

BUT,  if – in a purely hypothetical world – Sheepshead Bites held a debate and asked you what we should ask candidates for City Council, what would you say? What issues about the neighborhood do you think need to be addressed? What is the mainstream media missing in its coverage of politics? Come on, we all watch the news and scoff when we see reporters drop the ball on the follow up, or just ask lame questions to begin with. So what are the hard questions? It’s your time to shine, people. Hypothetically, of course.

And remember, this is a position whose power affects policy for the whole city, so don’t feel pressed to only ask things about the neighborhood. What are the issues that need to be discussed in order to ensure you pick the right candidate to make this city and our neighborhood better?