Open Thread Mondays: Thanks For Coming!

Phew, I don’t know about you, but I’m still exhausted from Saturday night’s Seaside Soiree, the Sheepshead Bites birthday party and Bensonhurst Bean launch party.

All that running around, making sure everyone’s happy, chatting people up, handling complaints (apparently live rock music is loud, free food goes quickly, and “soiree” sounds “gay”) was fun, but it really made me tired.

We’re currently sorting through the hundreds of photos that readers sent in (not to mention a huge batch from our own Randy Contello), and will be posting them tomorrow along with a rundown.

Until then, let me express my gratitude. The event was a huge success – better than we had imagined – and I had a fantastic time meeting as many of you as I could. We will definitely be doing more events, as you’ve clearly helped prove our theory: neighbors want to meet each other and share what they have in common – Sheepshead Bay.

That’s what Sheepshead Bites exists to do – build community in Sheepshead Bay, bridging the gap online and off.

Lastly, I need to thank all the people who helped out. On our own team, Robert Fernandez was the real MVP here, helping me turn it from concept to reality, coordinating with the sponsors, setting up before the event, and even watching the door. Erica Sherman and Joseph Teutonico, the lead bloggers for Sheepshead Bites and Bensonhurst Bean, respectively, for their work in keeping fresh content on the site as I focused on pulling the party together these last two weeks. Randy Contello, Ariela Barinova, Arthur Borko, and the handful of others who did this or that, and helped get the word out. And anyone on my team who I may have missed, well, thanks! I’m still frazzled, so sorry for missing you.

A huge thank you must go to Richard Stockley and the rest of the folks at Baron DeKalb Knights of Columbus, who were generous hosts that made sure we had everything we needed. The bartenders especially, who handled themselves like professionals and kept things running smoothly. Don’t forget that the Baron is a catering facility perfect for any occassion, with an in-house kitchen and great staff – not to mention one of the only places with such a beautiful view of the bay. If you need an event catered, you can contact them here.

Apparently, our food sponsors were also a big hit, since everything they brought was gone within minutes (and it was supposed to be enough to feed well over 100 people!). Thanks to Frank Bassett of Bassett’s Deli and Caterers for supplying the sandwiches and salads. And, of course, Dennis Roitman and Larry Kopylov of Cupcake Kings, who made some custom cupcakes with the Sheepshead Bites logo. Pinto Novelty provided us with all the giveaways that helped light up the night.

Also, thanks to our bands for providing energy to the atmosphere, and giving us a reason to shake our booties. The Penniless Loafers rocked the first set, and Nelson F. & Friends kept us going the rest of the night. Apologies to the neighbors who thought we were a little noisy. We did try to accommodate and keep it down, and we’ll look for the best way to handle that with future events. Sheepshead Bites wants nothing but to be good neighbors!

Last but not least, thank you, the readers, who turned out by the hundreds, tipped generously, and shared a good time! This event, this site and this neighborhood is nothing without you!


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