Open Thread Mondays: Sheepshead Bites’ Resolutions

A New Year is here, but what would that mean without a list of New Year’s Resolutions?

Here at the Sheepshead Bites offices, we’ve put together a list of things we’d like to get done in 2012:

  • Publish a minimum of 2,000 stories for you to enjoy (we published 1,763 in 2011)
  • Refine our comments policy to ensure more civil, thoughtful dialogue
  • Roll out at least three new services to better cement our position as the most useful online destination in Southern Brooklyn
  • Organize more events – large and small – to bring together our readers, and make the neighborhood a place to live, work and play.
  • Make design tweaks to the site to increase accessibility, and improve the way we tell our stories
  • Recruit FABA to write daily weather reports

We could keep going, as there are thousands of things we’d like to do to serve you better. Unfortunately, there’s only 366 days in 2012…

What would you like to see added to Sheepshead Bites’ resolutions for 2012?