Open Thread Mondays: On Trolls

I met a troll at Grillin’ On The Bay.

He came up to me, told me how much he loved the site. I asked him if he commented much. He said he did, and reluctantly told me what name he uses.

One hundred percent troll, and he admitted it. I won’t say who it is, but, suffice to say, more than a few readers want to punch him in the face. Others, though, are big fans of his.

In fact, it surprised me how many people came to the booth on Saturday and told me about how they like this person or that person’s comments. The frequent posters to this site are little celebrities in their own right. Some are big fans of levp, and his “sensible” and “well-documented” arguments. Others enjoy Lisanne’s historical knowledge. Some get a kick out of local broker’s sarcasm.

But a number of people really seem to find the trolls a riot. Their provocations, senseless insults, over-the-top hatred… all insincere blathering to stir the pot.

Sometimes, I admit, I get a good laugh out of it. Most of the time, I get pissed off.

What’s your take on trolls?

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