Open Thread Mondays: Of BBQs, Debates, and Beaches

Welcome to the second edition of Open Thread Mondays, a feature so excellent, so awesome, so flabbergastingly mindblowing that we almost forgot to do it today. Remember, this is your chance to rattle off about anything. But here are some suggested topics:

  • Would you come to a Sheepshead Bites-hosted event? Would you pay $5 for it? Would you want to do a BBQ on the beach in this weather, or should we nix it and do somethin’ indoors?
  • Gene Berardelli and Lew Fidler debate: wanna see one? I do! It was refreshing to see them go tit-for-tat in the comments section of this article (how often do you really get to see two candidates have a public and unfiltered argument?!), but it’d be nice to see how they do with a referree and questions from the SBites hivemind, no?
  • Ain’t these kids adorable?
  • The House of the Rising Sun by the Animals = Best Song Ever. Not really a point of discussion, since it’s an undisputable fact. (This is my site, so be careful how you respond to that…)