Open Thread Mondays: Now On Tuesdays…

Well, it won’t always be on Tuesdays. Just when I forget on Mondays. Like this week. Whoops!

Anyway, we asked the following question on Facebook this morning:

Sheepshead Bites is looking to gauge interest in a neighborhood co-working space. Co-working is an office space for freelancers and other self-employed/tele-commute folks to have a place to work outside of their homes, and among other professionals. We’d probably also organize a few professional development and networking events for members. Have I piqued anyone’s interest?

While one reader thinks I’m lonely, and another thinks I just want to steal people’s lunches, and a third thinks I sound like a hipster – the question stands. Co-working facilities have been popping up all over the country for years now, and, in some communities, they’ve become hubs for freelancers and work-from-home professionals to give each other support, produce better work, expand their client rosters through shared contacts and, ultimately, make more money.

Also, I want to steal your lunches.

Let me know if you’re interested!


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