Open Thread Mondays: New Facebook Page


So a lot of people have been asking us, “Hey, Sheepshead Bites, why don’t I see you on Facebook anymore?”

Well, Facebook, the bunch of jerks, banned us. It happened a while ago, and we’ve been trying to appeal it. But, gosh darn it, that big ol’ Facebook has no customer service. So our e-mails go nowhere.

Why’d they ban us? Due to a glitch on their end, a month’s worth of suggestions from our readers to “friend” their amigos got backed up. Then it came all at once. A couple hundred of them. So we friended away, setting off a flag for spamming.

Well, there’s no use crying about it now. The problem is, the current Fan Page was set up by an actual fan – not by us. So we have no ownership over it, and Facebook doesn’t allow for the transfer of ownership. Annoying right?

So now there’s another Fan Page. Right here. Click on it. “Like” us. Please. Because we like you, and we want to stay connected with you.

By the way – if you’re a fan of the old Fan Page, make the switch because the unofficial one will be deleted soon.