Open Thread Mondays: Mouth Off!

I’ve always felt that these “open threads” were never really truly open. Oh I know that you’re all free to talk about any topics, but Ned always seems to write the threads to spark discussion on a thing that interests him. And then you loyal minions usually follow suit by commenting only on the suggested subject.

So today, I want to spin it a little differently. Today I want to open this thread up to your gripes. What’s pissing you off? It can be anything, just no personal attacks.

My gripe this week – I’m tired of people dumping on my property. From the one-shot liquor bottles tossed on my lawn, to a computer monitor that was dumped in my bush, to the television that was left in my driveway; I’ve seen it all. And to the ape that keeps tossing banana peels over the fence, one day, you’ll get yours!

So, what’s your gripe this week? Mouth off!


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