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  1. Aren’t we getting lazy?

    You want a complaint? I’ll give you one. I just drove my friend to Cablevison at their isolated location in East Flatbush right by the LIRR Bay Ridge Division tracks to pick up a new cable box for him. The first thing you see when you walk in are two large signs saying “No Public Restrooms”. Since you have to wait 15 minutes for them to serve you, it is disgusting that they can’t at least provide that service. It’s not that anyone except a Cablevision customer could even find this place who might need a bathroom.

    It just shows you what they think of their customers. I don’t like it when I see such a sign in a restaurant, but this is ten times worse. Considering the huge profits they make, it is ridiculous that they wont let you use the bathroom if you needed it since there is absolutely nowhere else in the area where you could go. Guess the MTA doesn’t have a monopoly on not giving a damn about their customers. Another reason why I don’t have cable and wouldn’t get it.

  2. brooklynbus,

    where do you work? do you work in a set location (like an office or store)? if you do, you should completely understand why they put ‘NO PUBLIC RESTROOMS’ signs.

    the employees probably clean and maintain the bathrooms themselves. if they opened it to the public, they’d have to hire someone to clean the toilets at regular intervals.

    also, its a cable service store, not a piss stop at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. there are literally thousands of stores in the city that do not have public restrooms. why should this one be different? because it seems remote? 

  3. First of all because it is remote, they don’t have the problem of people coming off the street to use the facility.  So they don’t have the excuse that everyone would walk in from the street. Everyone who would use it is a customer or accompanying a customer.  What is someone supposed to do?  Not their problem you say?

    Second, by your logic, there should be no bathrooms at Cosco, BJs, Home Depot, Lowes, Kohls, Macys, etc.   
    All those places have public rest rooms.
     Even government offices allow you to use the restroom.  Why should private enterprise be different? 

    Cablevision can’t plead poverty that they can’t afford to pay a maintainer to clean one restroom.  They must already be paying a maintenance guy to wash the floors, change light bulbs etc, fix things that break, etc.  They wouldn’t even have to hire anyone new, most likely.

    This same friend I went with often takes the bus to Atlantic City.  The guy selling the tickets operates out of a small insurance / travel agency office. He lets you use the restroom if you ask.  So does my barber.  None of them complain about having no one to clean it.  Cablevision ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  4. I completely agree with BrooklynBus.  I’ve been to the Cable Vision site as well…completely isolated and hard to find.  It is disgraceful that after searching for the site, and waiting on line, you can’t even use the restroom in a time of need

  5. Especially if it took you an hour bus ride to reach it and an hour back home, what are you to do?  It’s not that there is somewhere nearby you can go.

  6. I don’t believe I have the FIOS option yet….   i did the next best thing. I just dumped the tv package (and kept internet). Who wants to pay $100 for tv? I watch all my 60’s DVD’s now, Fugitive, Then Came Bronson, Branded and more. If there’s a sports event to watch, there’s either the girlfriend or Wheelers. Let Cablevision lower their outrageous prices and I’d consider a comeback. Their service is great, but their price is ridiculous.

  7. On another front:

      I just voted. On at least 5 positions, the Democratic candidate ran unopposed (including on the Conservative column!).  Geez, it’s like living in the Soviet Union here (sorry, my Russian friends, didn’t mean it THAT way :)).

       I should run here.  Nah, radical ideas like spending only what you have is just way too much for the population to handle! I do wish the libertarian party would step up here, I think the time might be right.

  8. I agree very simple switch to Dish Network I have it for over 5 years and love it. It’s the less expensive going. I never had a problem. In a rain storm you might loose signal for a few minuets then it’s comes back on. No big deal.

  9. Just like to mention the  death of a childhood hero of mine, Joe Frazier, the great fighter. Ironic that last week I saw a guy hitting the bag at Bally’s gym that was training exactly in Joe Frazier style, the left hook, the head-bobbing….He was short, stocky, looked like a middleweight version of Joe to a T.

       Muhummad Ali is a great man, but it will always be a blight on his record, the racist things he said about Joe Frazier, calling him a gorilla, an Uncle Tom. Racism at its worst. Fight publicity is no excuse to be racist. I’m sure Ali regrets it. That aside, their 3 fights were classic. I remember in 1971 listening to the round-by-round fight on the radio between the two undefeated champions. I shouted when Frazier knocked him down in the 15th. I liked Ali, but I liked Smokin Joe better.

       He was a simple, good man, and a great warrior to watch in the ring.

  10. love it. specially when I’m watching hockey.. signal loss for a few minutes likely to spoil my evening.


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