Open Thread Mondays: I Think They Know Where I Live

My block has seen a plow approximately twice since the December 26 blizzard. Meanwhile, we’ve had four or so snowfalls since then. The latest one, which dumped about a foot and a half on our neighborhood, there has since been no plowing, and cars have been sliding down the block on jagged ice islands ever since.

It’s a heavily-trafficked block. It leads to a Belt Parkway entrance. It’s off a major avenue. All the blocks around it have been plowed and are nice and clear.

I saw a plow yesterday. It wasn’t one of the garbage trucks – it was a salt truck. The plow blade was up, and it was not dumping snow.

Did I piss someone off? Maybe. Perhaps Sanitation or some other agency is angry about the photo we posted comparing my street to Bloomberg’s. Maybe they’re not happy with all the harping we’ve done, or the coverage we’ve given to community groups blasting the city.

Maybe I’m just paranoid. But if I’m not, and they’re reading this, here’s a little message for them:

The joke’s on you, buddy. I don’t drive.