Open Thread Mondays: I Think I’ve Stopped Thinking

Me as an old man, according to

I think I’ve stopped thinking.

My head-meats hurt and where once there was a cacophony there’s now just a fizzle and a pop. And gurgles. Gurgles are the best I can manage.

They say this happens when you hit middle age. That it gets harder to remember words. You walk into the kitchen and forget why you’re there. You’re telling a story and see something shiny and it all gets lost.

Is 27 too young for middle age?

Is 27 too young for dementia?

Whenever people meet me, they always say the same thing: “I thought you’d be older.”

Before I started showing my face on the site, when we had a considerably smaller audience, I asked readers to guess my age. Of 30 or 40 submissions, the average age was 57.

Is 27 too young for 57?

The point is, I couldn’t think of something interesting to write for this week’s open thread. I’m going to go hang out at one of the senior centers (Is 27 too young for that?). You come up with the topic…