Open Thread Mondays: Help A Blogger Get On Law & Order

Over the weekend, I revealed one of my true desires on the Sheepshead Bites Facebook page (which you should “Like” if you haven’t already!).

That desire is to have a speaking role on an episode of Law & Order. Any of the Law & Order series will do, but considering Special Victims Unit is the only one that still shoots in New York City, and is also the best of the shows still in production, that’s where I’d like to be most.

(Oh, and, well, Ice-T, man. Ice-freakin’-T!)

Quite frankly, I do a lot for you people. I run around getting photos, writing articles, receive death threats (really, that has happened multiple times), dealing with all kinds of nonsense – all to bring you the best, most relevant and useful news in the neighborhood. I – and the rest of the team, of course – do a damn good job, methinks. But the pay stinks!

So, after four years of doing this, I’m asking you to do something for me. Ask around. Be pushy. Exploit your professional and social networks. Everyone knows everyone in the big NYC, right? So get this SAG-less blogger a short speaking role on Law & Order and help his dream come true.

I prefer to be the guy who leads detectives to the guy who, in turn, leads detectives to the guy that may have done the crime.

Or, hell, I could be a dead local blogger – so long as I get a line in before I die!


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