Open Thread Mondays: Got Questions?

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Though I’m Jewish, I spent Christmas with my girlfriend’s family. I got full, I got drunk, I got rest.

And now I’m back, and focusing on what’s to come in the New Year.

For Sheepshead Bites, I’m hoping for more of the great growth we’ve seen*, more opportunities to meet my neighbors, and more ways to help you.

Speaking of ways we try to help you, I’d like to remind you all of our wonderful columnist, Daniel Gershburg. Since joining us in November, Daniel has written about Sheepshead Bay co-ops, ways to avoid fraud, money-saving tips, and a possible new real estate bubble on the horizon.

Early in January, Dan and I are going to sit down to brainstorm a list of new topics that he can tackle for 2010. So to prepare us for that meeting, I’m putting the question to you: what would you like to read about?

Leave us your questions, comments, or rants about real estate or bankruptcy issues in the area, and we’ll consider it for a future article on Sheepshead Bites. You can submit it in the comments below or e-mail it.

*Our monthly audience has grown 10 fold year-over-year. Let’s hope for another 10 fold for next year!


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