Open Thread Mondays: Computer Glitches

I spent the day laboring with a number of technical glitches. Some involved problems with the site; others involved problems with my computer. On top of it all, a client of mine gave me a headache about a problem with his site. So, distracted by the woes of a technology-addicted society, I was far too bogged down to remember what is fast becoming one of my favorite features: Open Thread Mondays. So go ahead, and spit out what’s been bugging you, what you’ve been working on, what your computer troubles are. Or better yet, in light of the recent rescue of three people from the cold waters of Sheepshead Bay a week and a half back, answer this question: would you jump into the frigid, dark shallows of Sheepshead Bay? I mean… honestly. Or you can riff about the awful parking situation that led the driver to go in search of Atlantis. Heck, it’s an open thread: jib-jab all you want about whatever you want!


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