Open Thread Mondays: A Milestone

This is Sheepshead Bites’ 1000th article.

Wow, I really thought we’d be hitting this milestone with a little more substance. But no, just an open thread.

Need something to riff off of for your ranting? Here are a few ideas:

  • The Oscars (Hurt Locker blew. There, I said it.)
  • Garbage pickup on Sheepshead Bay’s major avenues (It was particularly bad this weekend.)
  • We’re going to reorganize the site’s sidebar, with different features for when you’re reading the front page or a specific article. Anything you want to see in the sidebar while we’re working on it?
  • Got a Facebook account? Go and put in your guess about my age. No one has gotten it yet, but some are closer than others.
  • Are we finally done with the snow? Well, the next 10 days looks clear.
  • Speaking of weather (and our sidebar) – would a weather and/or traffic status box in the sidebar be useful?
  • By the way, have you set Sheepshead Bites as your homepage yet? You should do that.