Open Thread Mondays: A Few Of My Favorite Things

Finally some nice weather! Sure, it’s supposed to rain tonight and into Wednesday – but it’ll be a warm rain. And some fine weather after that.

That’s got me looking forward to doing a few of my favorite things in Sheepshead Bay. Things like:

  • Bicycling to the various meetings I have to go to (I like the biking, not the meetings).
  • Having a beer at my super secret spot on the waterfront.
  • Walking to the boardwalk, with a stop in at the Freak Show.
  • Not wearing a jacket.
  • Showing visitors around the neighborhood and taking them to bars/restaurants they’d never see anywhere else.
  • Going fishing on one of the party boats (Confession: I’ve never actually done this, but this year it’s going to happen).

What are your favorite things to do in Sheepshead Bay when the weather warms up?


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