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Open Thread: Joe Biden Needs A Reality TV Show


Just sayin’.

Anyway, the open thread is now open.

Please talk about whatever you want to talk about.

Like bidets. What the hell is that about? Bidet… Biden? You see where I’m going with this, right?

(‘Cause I don’t.)

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  1. Weight loss……….

    People are getting Bigger in Sheepshead Bay.

    something must be done! And i don’t mean hey lets find a way to make money from these people….. I mean like perhaps we can help them without charging them an arm and leg.

  2. Flowers — there are some lovely flowers in the front gardens of many private houses in the area. We need a flower show.

  3. Anything you say?

    I hate it when people cry and whine about the holocaust, especially younger people. It happened a long time ago, get over it. And it pisses me off even more when people who were born after it or weren’t effected. act like they’re owed something just because they’re jewish.

    Months ago on this site, there was some article about kids making poetry/art/essays about the holocaust. The fuck? Sure, teach it as history, but stop trying to guilt and make kids feel bad about some event they had no part it and had no effect on them. Fuck I hate it when people demand you show respect to some old tragedy, yet nobody gives a shit about events farther off.

    Same for september 11th. It’s going a media whoring frenzy of “NEVAR 4GET!” with every fucking channel set to it. 1,000ish deaths really isn’t that much, fucking get over it. If anything, it’s the day the government found an excuse to power grab. Assholes.

  4. I was in Rite aid today and the lady in front of me wanted to buy items that were on sale. She didn’t have one of those bonus cards so the cashier said all she had to do was sign up by supplying her telephone number. The woman said she didn’t want to provide that information and the cashier insisted that was the only way she could get the sale price. I volunteered my card and the cashier refused to take it. There was a back and forth exchange and the woman ended up walking out of the store without making the purchase. As a matter of fact, I think she walked directly across the street to the newly opened Walgreens.  How much revenue has Rite Aid lost as a result of that policy? Ridiculous!  I caught up with the lady and told her she could just make up an easily remembered telephone number so she could take advantage of the sales. 

  5. obviously you never lost anyone in either the Holocaust or the WTC which, I guess, is why it was so easy for you to post that utterly ignorant and highly offensive rant of yours.

  6. on Sunday we were driving around the neighborhood shorefront and when we got to Brighton and CI avenue the block (right off the boardwalk) was blocked by Police barricades… we asked one of the officers what was up, thinking he would tell us some movie of TV show was shooting on the beach BUT he simply said WEDDING and tuerned away from us….

    anyone know anything about a wedding that closed down that block to the beach on Sunday…  or why someone was allowed to close that block for a private wedding and why NYC cops were there to make sure it stayed closed??

  7. I hope the Dems and the Repubs both loose this year. This two party systems wack. Anyone voting for either of these dogs probably does not understand how the world works very well 😀 


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