Open Thread: I Said It, You Do It

For God’s sake, stop being such friggin’ wusses and make use of the open threads. Bitch about stuff. Complain. Yammer on. Just stop looking to me to lead the way ’cause, for goodness sake, I just don’t have stuff to rant about every Monday. I get most of that out on the in between.

So. Just do it. Whine away.

And, to put you on the spot, here’s a list of people I’m looking to hear from at the bare minimum:

  • Lisanne
  • nolastname
  • RomanM
  • Arthur Borko
  • Local Broker
  • BrooklynQ
  • Eitan
  • BrooklynBus
  • levp
  • nick the rat

Yeah, that’s right. I named you. Feel obligated. Write something. Just leave me the heck alone. I’m still dealing with the aftermath of this.


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