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Open Thread: Happy Labor Day! (And Related Advisories)


Labor Day. That’s supposed to be a day of labor, right?

Well for us at Sheepshead Bites it is, so we’re in the office working. But we’re not posting much today; instead we’re working on content for the upcoming few weeks.

So, while we’re sweating it out, you guys go and have a terrific day off.

Just a few notes:

  • Alternate Side Parking is suspended for the day.
  • Parking meter regulations are also suspended.
  • There is no garbage collection for those scheduled for Monday morning pickup. If you normally put your garbage out Sunday night for Monday pickup, put it out tonight for Tuesday morning pickups. Pickups may be delayed. If you have Monday morning recycling pickup, do not put your recyclables at the curb. Your next recycling pickup will be next Monday.
  • Subways operate on Sunday schedules. That means there is no B train today.
  • There are service detours on the B49 and B1. The B49 is rerouted near Eastern Parkway to accommodate the West Indian Day Parade. The Bay Ridge terminus of the B1 route has been changed to accommodate a change in S79SBS bus service. Details of these and other detours can be found here.
  • There will be fireworks at Coney Island tonight, immediately following the Brooklyn Cyclones game. Approximate time will be 9:30 p.m. The team’s final game of the season is this Wednesday.
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  1. See, I had no idea that you and the rest of the hard working staff of Sheepshead Bites would be slaving away for our benefit  on this holiday that celebrates the workers that have made this country great. So I am sure that when the rest of the readership returns tomorrow that will show their appreciation.

  2. Where is Laura V.? What did you do to her? I like her style of writing and she is missed. She is a professional writer who really has “tact” if that’s what it is.
    I hope she is not with Ray. I miss Ray.
    Can Ray come back for a visit and bring her cart? PLEASE.

  3. Since it’s an open thread, some random observations:

    1. After years at the gym, I’m proud of my 1-pak abs….

    2. The older I get, the better I was….

    3. Geez, a guy from what looked like a mean-looking gang ran into me with his bike on Neptune, and actually said “buddy, I’m sorry”….

    4. Ned’s picking on me again. I’m gonna have to get ugly here. And that ain’t good for the environment, global warming will become a secondary issue if THAT happens.


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