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Open Thread: Had A Good Memorial Day? Tell Us What You Did!


Like thousands of other Americans, I enjoyed a barbecue this Memorial Day. I chomped on some miniburgers, and chewed some steak, and chowed-down on some done-up hot dogs.

And I never once left the comfort of air conditioning.

That’s right, a friend of mine decided he’d host his first barbecue in his new second-floor apartment. But without a balcony or backyard, what was he to do with all that smoke? Luckily, a design quirk includes a small outdoors alcove – about 8-feet by 3.5-feet – which the rest of the apartment wraps around. He built a doorway out to it, set up the barbecue, and left it accessible through the window.

Pretty neat, right? All the fixings of a real barbecue, without the heat, humidity or sunburn. That’s a Memorial Day barbecue just like the good lord intended.

What did you do for Memorial Day?

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  1. Saturday, Monday – Coney Island
    Sunday – Bar-b-que Long Island

    Since this is an open thread, I have to mention this. There’s a news item that nobody is reporting anywhere. We were just off the boardwalk on Stillwell at mid-day Saturday. Suddenly  the police are closing up  the flea markets in the big parking lot in back of Nathans. They quickly put a police tape there, and forbade the customers from continuing to shop there.

     Not only that, but on the other side of Stillwell, there were rides put in THAT parking lot, and that place hasn’t been opened yet! It looked like they were all ready to open.

        What happened here, and why is nobody reporting this? I don’t expect this blog to report it, it’s not his territory, but I’ve searched in vain for any news on this un-development. The use of these two lots was so hyped since the winter, and suddenly they’re non operational, I’d like to at least know why the sudden shutdown of the flea market in the middle of Saturday!

  2. There is a new set of 2 rides close to the boardwalk, run by the Luna Park/Scream Zone guy. Those rides are open, and drew huge crowds. They seem to have a little more work to do, but this opened as scheduled.

      There was also a set of amusements that I believe the Cha-Cha’s guy was running, on the lot on the east side of Stillwell Avenue (I believe he was renting the space from Thor Equities). These are portable rides. Not bad, not the latest-greatest, but it’s something, better than an empty lot. It looked all ready to open, and never did. And, like I said above, worse was the west side lot, where a flea market ran all last summer, ran this spring…. until Saturday where the police suddenly shut it down. I’d say it was about 1-1:30Pm when this sudden action occurred. It stayed shut all weekend, they put a fence up.

  3. Ok, to stick to the question at hand! Me and six other motorcycles took off to Woodhaven, Queens to the American Legion Post to be a part of a Veteran’s remembrance.  Yeah, it is nice to fill your face and have fun, but you need to remember that without all those that have gone before us and made the ultimate sacrifice for out country, you would never, ever have been able to do what you did on Memorial Day. Always keep our service men and women, past and present in your thoughts. We did.

  4. Bruce I was there also at the same time was about 1:15 and the 62nd pct was there and took a pina colta cart away. Maybe they had no permits for that flea market. Sunday & Monday there is nothing there since this happened. I had asked the police officer and you know how they are he said I don’t know. All the pct’s were there anyway. The van pulled away smashed a fruit punch plastic bottle and it went all over over me.


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