Open Thread: Had A Good Memorial Day? Tell Us What You Did!

Like thousands of other Americans, I enjoyed a barbecue this Memorial Day. I chomped on some miniburgers, and chewed some steak, and chowed-down on some done-up hot dogs.

And I never once left the comfort of air conditioning.

That’s right, a friend of mine decided he’d host his first barbecue in his new second-floor apartment. But without a balcony or backyard, what was he to do with all that smoke? Luckily, a design quirk includes a small outdoors alcove – about 8-feet by 3.5-feet – which the rest of the apartment wraps around. He built a doorway out to it, set up the barbecue, and left it accessible through the window.

Pretty neat, right? All the fixings of a real barbecue, without the heat, humidity or sunburn. That’s a Memorial Day barbecue just like the good lord intended.

What did you do for Memorial Day?