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Open Thread: Don’t Forget To Vote And Buy Tickets!


The date is getting closer. Sheepshead Bites Night at MCU Park (Brooklyn Cyclones stadium) is this Friday, August 19! Find out more about the event and buy your discounted field box tickets now using the promo code “BITES.”

And our reader contest, Pitch-to-Pitch, which will determine which of our lucky readers will get to throw the first pitch, comes to an end tomorrow afternoon. Don’t forget to cast your vote now!

Oh, and, of course, here’s the open thread…

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  1. Just saw this story on TV. Sometimes you just have to wonder about the sanity and hypocrisy of those who run our City government. The City is starting construction of a sanitation transfer station near one of the runways at LaGuardia Airport claiming it won’t attract geese and be a danger to planes taking off and landing. However, they are not considering sea gulls that will be attracted to the garbage.

    At the same time last year they slaughter hundreds of Canadian geese in Prospect Park and other places although the park is further than 7 miles from the airport and the geese posed no threat to anyone. The Prospect Park Administrator knew about the intended slaughter in advance and remained silent although she was retiring anyway.

    So now will they start slaughtering sea gulls as well? What are these people thinking?

  2. That’s what the City claims but it hasn’t convinced retired US Airways pilot Chester Sullenberger who has made several public statements against it.

  3. I hope the game is not rained out. Ill be there with my daughter and her Girl Scout Troop for the game.  They are scheduled to have a parade ( post game ).  I hope Mother Nature holds out for the kids, big and little….


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