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One Kings Highway Duane Reade Closes; Several To Go?

Photo and tip by Arthur Borko

When Walgreens bought up the New York City-based Duane Reade chain in February, the growing corporate giant said there were no immediate plans to close any of the branches. But we knew better, and publicly worried that the number of stores that competed with their new sister branches would cause the company to shutter locations.

Well, six months later and that fear is becoming a reality. The corporate overlords are starting to cut back on redundant services. The Kings Highway Walgreens branch near Coney Island Avenue is now shuttered. Presumably because it competes with two other pharmacies with the same ownership – one across the street and the other on Kings Highway and East 14th Street.

I wonder what this means for other branches of the Walgreens-Duane Reade chain, which include the newly opened Bragg Street and Avenue U store, which sits near a Duane Reade on Nostrand Avenue; there are two more branches, one under each brand, near the Avenue U subway stations.

Here’s the map of all local locations, just to refresh your memory from February:
View Sheepshead Bay Walgreens & Duane Reades in a larger map

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  1. These chain things are like a virus. Poor service, rude, hardly speak english, no merchandise, etc. That's why I go to Marine Pharmacy. If they invade that area, we are all doomed.

  2. I think this is a good thing. If there are to many overlapping areas of service within walking distance then each store is going to make less money. The corporation also looses money paying multiple rents for less profit.

    Hopefully aside from a managerial position or two all the clerks and cashiers were transferred to other locations. Consolidating staff and expenses will be a good thing.

    Finally, it opens up a very large retail space that someone else can move into.

  3. I think the best chain is CVS. Their shelves are well stocked and the people who work there seem to be a little more professional than the competition.

  4. The employees of the Walgreens on Ave U and East 18th (the old Morris) are saying that they will be closing

  5. Why is the corporate takeover and subsequent downsizing of staffs a good thing? These were 2 firms competing with each other. I went through the same thing with my company about 8 years ago. They live by a new motto now….IF YOU CAN”T BEAT”M…. BUY”M. Nationwide, my company slashed 40,000 jobs.

    They are closing stores in our area, but what about the other 4 boroughs? What about other cities in other states that they serve? When all is said and done, thousands more people will be out of work. No matter the excuse, the reason is the pursuit of the almighty dollar. Sure they'll cut costs in rentals or leasing, payroll, billing & collecting, and taxes & benefits if they write off the closings as losses. But the real cost will be in the increased burden of unemployment.

    Finally, do you really think anything other than a bank would use the property? Look all around you. How many shuttered stores do you see on Sheepshead Bay Rd? What about Ave U? So many empty retail spaces, and no one to move in.

  6. Agreed. However, regarding the shuttered stores on Sheepshead Bay Rd, most of these have little to do with small businesses not being able to open up (or others closing). Real estate on the strip moves pretty quickly. However, the slew of empty storefronts you do see – like those near the Citibank – are development sites that are waiting for funding. They're not looking to lease it out, they're waiting for a better economic environment so they can get investors and tear down/rebuild. That is a major problem, as it contributes to the perception of urban blight – which isn't quite where we are in Sheepshead Bay.

  7. granted that some property is waiting for development funding, but that doesn’t change the fact that there is still plenty of empty retail space that is simply sitting with no plans for the future. Ans what if the economic environment doesn’t change for another 4 years? Won’t those properties continue to sit empty?

  8. It has been a very strange few years with Duane Greed on one corner and a Walgreed on the opposite corner. I knew something was up when the prices in the Walgreens were getting cheaper. That is the precise model of cut throat competition that DG practiced when it first took a stab at the New York Market and its major expansion.

    Next up: Wal-Mart Takes over Kings Plaza Shopping Center; Film at Eleven.

  9. remember when Kings Highway had places to eat (besides Kosher) and pool halls and movies??? Those were the good days. Miss the days of Americans, english language and fun


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