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On First Day Back To Class, KCC Students Irk Neighbors

Kostoff took photos of this and many other illegally parked cars. Traffic agents told her that, somehow, this wasn't a bus stop.

College students descended on Manhattan Beach this morning, as Kingsborough Community College kicked off the spring semester. And neighbors are not pleased.

It’s not at all a new situation. Tensions between Manhattan Beach residents and the thousands of students (more than 17,000, at last count UPDATED 3/17) that commute into the neighborhood during class time is an age-old story, with neighbors fed up with what they feel are disrespectful students, dangerous driving and illegal parking. But that anger has been heightened by a total lack of cooperation from city authorities, and it’s hitting a fever pitch as class sizes continue to grow.

Resident and boardmember of Manhattan Beach Community Group Flori Kostoff fired off an e-mail to us this morning, making a few predictions of what the new school year holds for neighbors:

KCC has started Spring sessions Today!!!! Prediction…..Unfortunately……There will be more car accidents, more illegal parking, blocking driveways, parking in Bus Stops, oh, that’s right, this is a Bus Stop??? Making believe there are no Fire Hydrants, did I mention running up on peoples lawns and into their houses. Have your camera ready ! Maybe the DOT will stop being Stupid and listen to us… or will they just keep on being an Agency that does Nothing for the Community and the people in it???

Well, that was the morning, before students flooded to the campus. Hours later, Kostoff documented a slew of transgressions, with one student even cursing her off. When she made a complaint to traffic enforcement agents on the scene, the agents refused to help, rolled up their windows and drove off, she said. A police officer finally came to help, and did get a few people to move their cars, and was herself astounded at the lack of enforcement – echoing many beach residents.

Kostoff writes:

Since I last wrote to you (a few hours ago), I have been disrespected by the City of New York, cursed at by our disrespectful students of KCC and have been on the phone with 311 and the 61 pct….. Not only are the students parking in our driveways and in our bus stops, but they are ignoring the street cleaning ( alternate side street cleaning signs) !!! I’ve had the NYC Dept of Traffic (the city’s finest)????? tell me I wasn’t standing in a bus stop, which has been there since the busses started running in Manhattan Beach. They shut their window on me and sped off almost running over my toes. Is this any way to treat someone paying taxes and paying their salary?? I had a nice police officer from the 61 finally show up and talk to these students.One guy said his battery died and it didn’t matter if he was in someone’s driveway. He just had to go to class for a few hours!! The other one said, so, it’s a bus stop. Like there are no handicapped people here that need to use the bus!?!? The officer calmed me down and I let them do their job. She then asked me if it was a holiday and why isn’t anyone getting tickets??? I said” the holiday is Monday and IT’S RAINING!!!!!!! Then to top it off, I had a student tell me to go F myself. Such quality…. they can’t spell, they can’t read and they certainly can’t drive…that’s the dirt we have to deal with in Manhattan Beach. All I want is for everyone to abide by the law, take responsibility for their actions and I want my street cleaned!!!!!

We’ve heard similar complaints from other Manhattan Beach residents. If you live in the area and have seen similar behavior, let us know in the comments. If you’re a student and drive to the area, tell us what some of the problems are.

Update: The original version of this article said enrollment was at more than 17,000. That number came from Fall 2009 enrollment data – an all time high in the school’s history – and has since dropped to just under 15,000.

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  1. HEY LADY, YOU WANT A # TO A TOW TRUCKING COMPANY? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!? dial 411 and ask for Towing company Brooklyn….. problem solved.

    some asswipe parked on my Driveway blocking me from entering….it was a neighbors friend, i am not really friendly with my neighbors and i can care less about their f*cking friends….. picked up the phone dialed my favorite towers, 10 min later there was no car blocking my driveway…..

    if the “law” isn’t gonna do much, then i sure as hell will.

  2. okay just because the person who cursed at her doesn’t automatically mean they cannot read or spell… They clearly do not have any respect for anyone else, but to say they cannot read and spell is just plain wrong. Yes the people going to Kingsborough are not the smartest lot but not everyone there is a complete idiot. Just because this lady owns a million dollar home (or close to it) does not mean she is right and they are wrong. If she has proof that this all happened then okay but if she’s just whining she could just move technically lol no one told her to buy a house next to a Community College (and yes I’m aware her house was probably there prior the College).

  3. Thank you JR! Just because her house costs more then college education for ALL of KCC’s students does not mean she is better then the rest. People park at bus stops and hydrants all the time…311 or 911 will deal with the problems, no need to complain to everyone.

  4. you are totally missing her point. those kids are parking illegally, disrespecting locals that live there, and they are getting away with it. if someone parked on your driveway, or in front of it blocking you from using it, or on your property at all, what would your reaction be?
    Obviously she’s frustrated at the rudeness and lack of law enforcement in her neighborhood, as would most people be, and is venting when she writes that these kids can’t read or spell.
    My real question to you is, why are you so defensive of that one particular comment that the KCC students can’t spell or read? hitting too close to home or do you have an actual valid reason for missing the point of her rant entirely?

  5. They should close down Kingsborough and put the campus to better use. It is such a beautiful piece of land. It is a pity that it is wasted on morons.

  6. SNOOTY Manhattan Beach Homeowners…..GROW UP ! No parking may to sept on most streets @ any time……Exclusive community.??? Dont like it MOVE….Spoiled Brats

  7. For someone who complains about other people’s spelling and reading skills, Ms. Kostoff should know the proper usage of capitalization and exclamation points/question marks. Her rant is written with the skills of a “dirt” that we now have to deal with.

  8. I completely understand ignoring the street cleaning rules in MB. Its the only area i know of that has 4 days of street cleaning, which is completely ridiculous, especially since they don’t come 4 times a week. As for calling a tow truck, I’ve tried that and a lot of companies will not tow a car until a ticket has been placed on it. Happened all the time at my parents house with people blocking and pulling in his drive way (they don’t live in Manhattan beach). What i found is a lot of fun is blocking in the car that is parked illegally in your drive way and leaving it blocked if possible for over a day.

  9. because I know people who goto Kingsborough or who have gone to Kingsborough who are not total idiots… The little old lady’s who don’t go anywhere anyway with million dollar homes need to learn and adapt. If someone parked in front of my drive way I’d call the city and they would tow it eventually. There’s no point in getting so mad at nothing so important. Just because she’s a homeowner in the “prestigious” Manhattan Beach doesn’t make her right. You should never rant when you type something because you may regret that you said it later on. Always stay calm. She should learn this. I do believe she is right about more accidents happening now that KCC is back in session though

  10. The four days of street cleaning in Manhattan Beach is ridiculous, but you don’t see anyone in Manhattan Beach asking to have it reduced. If there were more legal spots available, fewer would park illegally. The local groups don’t give a damn about making it easier for the College kids. They only care about themselves but claim to have the interests of neighbors and visitors in mind.

  11. Thank you Allan, you seem to be a reasonable and understanding person. Allow me to clarify. I simply told the young man that if he reads the sign he just parked under, it said, ” No Parking Mon & Thur 11am-2pm”…street cleaning. I was trying to save him the ticket ! As he responded to me in a disrespectful tone,I became disgusted with the youth of today. As far as me living in a million dollar mansion… He was driving a Mercedes !!!!!!!!

  12. it really depends on priorities. In my opinion, there are plenty of on campus parking spots. There is also the beach parking lot which is also used by the college students. People that live in the community should be able to park close to their homes and when people have guests there should also be available parking spots. There are also two major bus lines that serve the college. With regards to street cleaning… I would like to see street sweeping every day. As a matter of fact our local group has sponsored project sweep with our own private funds. We actually pay someone in the summer months to manually sweep the streets, bus stops and corners with a higher volume of pedestrians.

  13. Seems to me levp, you must be the youth who can’t read, since you are on the defense. I think you just gave yourself up. I will put caps when and where I want as long as I don’t post in all caps. Heaven forbid that I post in all caps, don’t want it to look like I’m screaming at you!!!

    PS, I’m not a Royal Heiness, I was born like this…what’s your excuse ???

  14. Ms. Kostoff is 100% correct. These are not new issues. They have been discussed rfor years now. I have friends that live on the blocks closest to KBCC that literally cannot get out of their blocks during the rush. It is massive gridlock. I can understand many of the comments from neighbors that do not experience this on a daily basis, all I am asking is for my neighbors to try and understand her concerns as well. She is entitled to a peaceful quality of life.

  15. Why don’t you just spend a few more dollars and pay for parking instead of zooming around the neighborhood and parking illegally. It also beats paying for parking tickets. I don’t understand your mentality or lack of it… I should move???I think I enjoy and respect your beautiful campus more than you do !

  16. mercedes doesn’t mean anything, he might be leasing it or it could be an old model… It doesn’t automatically mean its from 2010 or 2011… Also I said million dollar home not mansion, read carefully… I live in MB and its completely ridiculous that there is no parking allowed on our blocks.

  17. Well, because kbcc didn’t let students park in the Manhattan beach lot with fall parking permits like they usually do for the first week of class, thousands of students have to get to class. Theres only so many spots, Monday street cleaning, that didn’t happen anyway doesn’t make it any easier. Of course its going to be madness.

  18. You know I’ve only really noticed this by the Pizzaria, where people will idle waiting to pick someone up, or run into the store for 2 minutes to get a soda while their car idles. I can’t imagine any students being dumb enough to actually block a driveway with an unattended car any further away from the school.

    It’s hard enough to park and go to class over there. When these students do this shit they risk getting a ticket like anywhere else in the city. These complainers really should just lay the frack off and shut up. They already enjoy special parking regulations like nowhere else in the city during summer months. Boohoo, someone is blocking a Hydrant for 5 minutes while getting a pizza. Then they’ll get a ticket or if there is a fire the firemen will run the line through their car wrecking it.

    Stop whining you entitled babies.

  19. Since when do the wonderful children of KCC drive an older model Mercedes, leased or otherwise? I like the fact that there is no parking on our blocks 24/7. It allows you to be neighborly,friendly and creative when the summer arrives. Unless you want total strangers emptying their sand and garbage from the beach on your property. Somehow,some of it manages to find it’s way here anyway !

  20. I have friends who go to Kingsborough. The coursework they get is ridiculously easy. It is not what college level course work is supposed to look like.

  21. I hate MB homeowners like you… xenophobes, racists, what else am I missing? just because you’re a millionaire doesn’t give you the right to always be in fact right. Manhattan Beach Park is a PUBLIC CITY PARK/BEACH. People want to go to the beach and have a nice day out. If they drop garbage or OMG sand ahhhhhhh SAND!!!! in front of your home, go outside and pick it up and throw it out. Be the bigger man (woman in your case). I’m sure some people who go to Kingsborough lease their cars and do not only own them. Who in Manhattan Beach is neighborly? friendly? or otherwise? I bet you know your next door neighbor and that’s it. Don’t act like you know anyone else. Homeowners like Manhattan Beach because they do not have to be bothered by their neighbors not because we are friendly with everyone. Don’t try and make like Manhattan Beach is Pleasantville… And creative? on what grounds of creativity are you speaking of? You should get out of Manhattan Beach once in and while and see that you live in NYC a place where everyone lives and works together, not just rich white people (even though you believe you must be right and someone who is of a different color or race or a student who is trying to better themselves by going to college, 2 year or not they’re still going)… You are the dirt we have to deal with. Just enjoy your remaining years and stop being so afraid of the world around you since you have clearly not been outside of your territorial boundary in some time it would seem.

    I’ll also wager the person who cursed you out probably had good grounds on it, if this is how you are to people.

  22. I was in Manhattan Beach yesterday and noticed the 4 days of street cleaning. I also noticed, at least where I had been travelling, less cars parked in the streets than elsewhere. Interesting, and may explain why there’s no objection.

    But people in Manhattan Beach have been complaining about college students ever since Kingsborough set up a campus there. We’re talking over 40 years now.

  23. KCC is for those who are not ready for “real” college work and need help declaring majors and finding a career path. it will look bad on your resume if you do not go somewhere else after graduating from there. my neighbor goes there, but he also works very hard at an ice cream store. school students are the most annoying people on public transportation when they travel in packs. that is why i felt the MTA should have gotten rid of free metrocards for them (and many MTA workers i know agree). it is not fair that they can ride for free and jump the gun just because they are school students.

  24. It’s a stepping stone. I have friends who went to Kingsborough, moved on to 4 year colleges and graduated with a Bachelors degree.

  25. Who is on the defense now? Can’t even copy and paste “Highness”…

    Secondly, I hasn’t been called “youth” for at least 20 years now, so for that – thank you!

  26. I have a better proposition: petition the Governor to use eminent domain to expand KCC over the entire Manhattan Beach area. Problem solved.

    “The Court held in a 5–4 decision that the general benefits a community enjoyed from economic growth qualified such redevelopment plans as a permissible “public use” under the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment.”

  27. Genius…Im not a student. Jump the gun. Just a lifelong bay resident who ventures into MB to enjoy the beach, year round.
    Talk about “mentality or lack of” what about the guard house to try to keep nonresidents out in the 60’s which never worked. Its all about YOU isnt it? Most streets are no parking for the entire beach season. Maybe the mayor should put in meters on all the streets in MB to raise revenue 3 months a year.

  28. Opening that school there was the BIGGEST mistake. Ever. The parking doesn’t even annoy me as much as the driving. Flying down these residential streets like bats out of hell!

  29. It’s not so much the school, as it is the lack of stop/traffic lights. Even if there was no KBCC certain idiots would be flying down the avenue.

  30. I was always under the impression that a car could not be towed until it was ticketed by police or traffic agents.

  31. There has been a car parked in front of the hydrant a Pembroke Street since before 9 AM; it is still there at nearly 10 PM. This morning’s drive out of the beach was terrifying due to the reckless pursuit of parking spots. Here we go again. And to think these are people seeking education. They drive like crack addicts desperate for the next high. Think they are high on scholastic euphoria?

  32. What’s with all the hate for people who live in Manhattan Beach? Should you hate them just because they can afford to live in beautiful homes? I don’t live there but the attitude that some people who commented on this post is disgusting. The residents of Manhattan Beach earned their homes and they earned the right to enjoy the neighborhood. KBCC students don’t have any right to be disrespectful and park illegally. Some of those kids need to learn respect instead of acting like they own the neighborhood.

  33. An open letter to M(r)s. Kontoff from a KCC student who occasionally drives to class:

    Please direct your energies elsewhere you self-entitled brat. You live in a neighborhood where there is alternate side cleaning 4 days a week although the rest of the city has switched to 2 and not one of you has attempted to change this. You live in a neighborhood where parking is completely eliminated for months out of the year because of self entitled brats such as yourself attempt to claim Manhattan Beach as your own and are incapable of sharing it with the rest of the tax paying citizens of this city. You live in a neighborhood populated with people who would rather get rid of safety precautions on the road, at least the ones that work, because they inconvenience you. You live in a neighborhood where the homeowners expand driveways into 2 or 3 car lengths and absorb the already limited parking and have the nerve to complain when you force us to fight for space? How dare you! You and the neighborhood bring this upon yourselves. You have no one to blame but yourself when you build walls around yourself and try to claim public space as your own.

    The worst of this is that you have no right to sit in your tacky homes and judge students who are attempting to achieve something for themselves. Somehow from a student telling you to go fuck yourself, rightfully so, you deduced that every student in KCC is unable to read or spell. Well this is me spelling correctly and telling you off. I’m a student at KCC and I study Physics. I’ve taken coursework with the former chair of the physics dept at Fordham, a famous (albeit relatively) mathematician, and now an astronomy course with a professor who works for the AMNH and NASA. The coursework is beyond your comprehension as evidenced by your incoherent rant filled wth grammatical errors that could make an english teacher shit their pants.

    Someone blocked your driveway? Call a tow-truck. Someone stopped in a bus stop? Not your jurisdiction. Someone parked in a no-standing zone? Not your fucking concern. If this does concern you enough to warrant such outrage then be the change you want to see in the world and petition the change in alternate side parking, stop building 14 car garages, stop getting in the way of progress, and stop judging people who are trying to improve life for themselves.


  34. I live on Manhattan Beach too. Not the part where the school is so I don’t have to deal too much of what this lady above is complaining about, but I can also understand her. She does sound prissy with her nose in the air, but I will say that dealing with these various issues day after day, semester after semester, and likely year after year, it can become annoying. I’d hate for someone to block my driveway. It’s happened, and not that it’s a pain, but it’s annoying to wait for the cops to get there, to pull up the registration, etc. There are more important things in life for everyone to worry about than towing a car.

    I’m under 30 and I will say that there are a bunch of morons driving around here. I won’t be in line to help if they get into an accident because of their reckless driving. I’m not going to pull out the “get off my lawn” bit, but really, the sh*t has hit the fan in terms of people behind the wheel. There’s no need to do 45mph down Shore or Oriental, and I don’t want speed bumps or traffic lights in front of my house as a result of it. After all, most of these drivers don’t live in the neighborhood.

    The result should be simple. Hire a few more KBCC “police”/security officers, give them jurisdiction of policing illegal street parking say up to Irwin St., and voila. Cops don’t get involved, etc. The ranting lady isn’t completely right but she isn’t completely wrong either.

  35. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a school there. It’s accessible to everyone; it’s a public plot of land, especially since we pay with our taxes. Walk in, sit on the bench, have some lunch. It’s just that as always in life, a “few” people ruin something for the majority of us that can handle nice things.

  36. I’ve long felt that The city should take over Menorah and 2 or 3 blocks worth of homes and build more parking and dormitories and expand KBCC into a 4 year institution.

  37. As a Kingsborough student… yeah, most KCC students piss me off. There’s a lot of “fuck it, my parents are making me go” attitude around there. they don’t respect their ability to get an education, so they’re not going to respect our neighbors.
    A shame, because it makes the respectful, decent human beings who study there look TERRIBLE.
    I wonder if there’s any way some students/faculty could get together and do something for the neighborhood? Ideas?

  38. Before you show everyone your ignorance and mouth off, let’s just say, you don’t know who I am or what I do,or who I know. Let’s just say I know the majority of the homeowners in this neighborhood. I am an extremely worldly person who is well liked and respected by most. I can invite you over on a hot day in the summer and you can clean up the dirty diapers and broken glass bottles from the street. I may not be a millionaire, but I’m not your maid either.As far as my remaining years, I am not as old as you may think.I didn’t think you would be smart enough to know what I was talking about pertaining to creativity. Your mind is way too narrow to venture out of your own box. You pal, are the 2% scum, just hearing how you think you have the answer to a neighborhood problem. You will get nowhere in your lifetime. You are probably friends of the fork tongued curser who shows no respect for himself or anyone around him. I will not respond anymore to you. You’re not worthy.

  39. I was in mostly AP classes in high school and a few of my classes kicked my ass last semester, and I just spent five hours in my A&P lab and I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. Sooooo… no, not so much. Unless your friends are in remedial classes or something (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

  40. “KCC is for those who are not ready for “real” college work and need help declaring majors and finding a career path”
    Or, you know, people who want to save $10k a semester on tuition for their Associate’s, which nobody really cares about anyway.
    I don’t see why everyone has an issue with community college in and of itself. I agree that the students at KCC can be intolerable, but you’re putting down people who work hard to achieve their goals. I know I’m too busy focusing on graduating and getting my butt in to Columbia to act like a complete fool.

  41. This is your Royal Highness calling…..where did you learn to spell?? At least I can copy and paste,you have trouble just talking english. I’m trying to figure out what you’re trying to say. If you’re that old, shame on you. You should know better. Are you sure you went to school and didn’t waste the tax payers money by playing hooky?

  42. By 9 am the parking lot is usually full, there would be more reasonable FREE
    parking if the regulations weren’t completely unfair and out of hand. ASL 4
    days a week? There’s not enough Traffic on those roads to justify that, even
    during the summer. Perhaps they should clean their own gutters, they can
    certainly afford it. Look at the palatial estates they’ve built. This is a
    classic example of *entitlement* and *privilege *run rampant. The parking is
    always going to be an issue across this city. The situation here is no
    different then anywhere else, and enforcement of the law should be equal
    everywhere. If someone is breaking the law with their car, call 311 or the
    local precinct and wait like everyone else. If the cops or traffic
    enforcement officers don’t rush over in a prompt manner its because they’re
    busy writing tickets elsewhere.

  43. Would you be so kind and point out exactly where I had trouble “talking english”? I speak English just fine, thank you.

    I’ll spell out what I was trying to say: “Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

  44. Nice to meet you Holly. You are the kind of person who restores my hope and faith in the youth of today. You get out what you put in. You will be fine. There’s always a few bad apples on the tree. Unfortunately, they leave a bad taste in your mouth. I have nothing against KCC and 99% of the students who go there. I think the Staff and Faculty are fabulous. I know many of them personally !

  45. I would have done the same thing. Kingsborough students never had any respect for the homeowners in Manhattan Beach. Just dump your car wherever and run.

  46. I hate to tell you this Holly – if you call the 61 pct, if you’re lucky enough to have a living, breathing person answer the phone, they will tell you to call 911. I called the pct house once because there were a group of kids vandalizing a public phone and this is what they told me to do, even though it was not an emergency.

  47. For as beautiful as Manhattan Beach is, I wouldn’t live there either. I live in Sheepshead Bay – during the spring and summer, parking is hard enough. MB has absolutely NO street parking on certain blocks during the same time. I don’t know if all houses have driveways, but I feel their pain at having no parking. I don’t know why most of the students don’t buy parking permits for the campus lots. When I went there, I had one all the time.

  48. On more than one occasion when I called the 61 Pct. I was told by the Pct to call 911.
    911 was NOT happy.

  49. Let’s clear up some misconceptions. First of all there are not “plenty” of on campus parking spots. There is a shortage of parking spots which is why they use the beach parking lot, and from what I understand, parking spaces there are also in short supply.

    The percentage of students even parking on the street is minimal. I would guess that 80% of the students use the buses and only about 20% drive, those who would have a very long bus trip where driving takes about a third of the time. And most who drive park in one of the lots.

    As far as street sweeping, reducing it to two days a week will not make the streets any dirtier. Four day a week street sweeping is reserved for high density areas like Washington Heights. Even Park Slope with mid-rise row houses has sweeping only 2 days a week for 90 minutes. I don’t know of any other low density area in the City with 4 day a week regulations.

    As far as the problem Monday, someone stated that the beach lot did not recognize fall permits like they have done in the past for the first week of school. So with such a shortage of spots students were pressed to find a spot anywhere they could. Of course that does not make it right, but it sounds to me that the College contributed to the problem by changing their parking policy.

  50. Correct, the people in the Beach don’t need the extra parking which is why they are satisfied with the current regulations. As far as building the College, the only reason the community accepted it in the first place was they were threatened by the City that if the College will not be built, low income housing would be built there instead. They chose what they felt was the lesser of two evils. They never viewed it as an asset to the Community which is why you see all this hostility. It was always there just beneath the surface.

  51. You are also correct. That’s why now is the time not to be selfish and ask the CB to request Sanitation to reduce the days and times of Alternate Side Parking, to help everyone.

  52. “You’re not worthy” let everyone read that and explain to me why I am wrong… and is that a threat “you don’t know who I know”? Am I to be afraid of your millionaire self? and if you live in Manhattan Beach you’re a millionaire (even if you don’t have it in your bank account, the land your house sits on btw so you know is worth that much)… And I am not 2% scum I think I’m 80% mental and 40% physical so get your facts straight. See this is also a problem many have in our neighborhood. Many believe it is below them to pick up a bottle or a can or a plate or a bag, etc that may be on your lawn. When did I call you a maid? (self entitled again) If you want to be neighborly as you think you truly are, well guess what, a neighborly person would be in fact that and pick up garbage (with the appropriate gloves or what not if you’re afraid of catching something) from your property and throw it away. I know I pick up things that float astray down my block and onto my or my neighbor’s property, because its the right thing to do. And you call me narrow minded when I’ve called you on being a racist and a xenophobe. You do not disagree so I guess I am right about that. Seems I know something about you. I actually know who you are, you are Flori Kostoff, a resident and boardmember of Manhattan Beach Community Group. A word from the wise and the youth of the Internet Age. Always type something in as anonymous. If you don’t you’re looking for fame in my book. Why should it matter who you are, if the matter at hand is not serious at all. Doing a Google search of you, it would seem that you have to say something for everything going on in Manhattan Beach, and everyone you talk about is wrong and you are right (wait does it say anywhere on these comments that you are a SELF ENTITLED BRAT?) and also that picture you took is of a BMW not a Mercedes…

  53. Is the car in the above picture really creating a problem? It’s not blocking any driveways and is maybe a foot behind the bus stop sign.

  54. I live on the border of MB and BB and walk my dog along West End, Oriental, BBA and Corbin in the mornings during the area rush hour and its crazy out there. On West End there are cars constantly going 2 wide in one lane and over the years i have seen 3 wide to make the green light at Oriental turning into MB. Not many make a full stop at BBA and Corbin. I am aware of my surroundings and dont play chicken with cars at stop signs but thats not the case with kids and adults going to schools and day cares around the area. We dont need more stop sign or lights because people will continue to the same thing they are doing now at other signs. What i am getting at is that all these years of walking around and seeing this i never ever see and type of police presence to enforce or curb crazy drivers. In recent years with deaths and accidents still no enforcement just an empty scooter on Shore. I dont know about the parking situation over there im sure its bad just like any other place in NYC. Its interesting to read some of the comments on here about the women complaining about people making a mess in front of her home during the summer that she has to clean are the same people that complain about garbage and dog shit in the Bay but because its the other side of the Bay and shes got an attitude she should just deal with it. Now its not only kids going to KBCC its people that live there that drive crazy and dont give a shit. If this continues you can almost guarantee someone else dies this year in MB.

  55. Depends on the courses and the professors, but I know when I went there I had some pretty devoted teachers busting their asses to teach their curriculums, as well as a few lazy professors. It’s the same in any profession, there’s a few bad apples out of the bunch anywhere you look.

  56. Very well written. However, you should research the reason there is no weekend parking during the summer. And just because you are student you still have to obey the signs, whether you like the regulation or not.
    When I went to Brooklyn College, many years ago, we did not have any parking lots available and had to drive around and find a legal spot or take public transportation to school– DO THE SAME!!!!!!!!!

  57. Ohhhhh, I am soooooo afraid of you. For the record, you still don’t know anything about me. I do help my neighbors by cleaning up our block. I do make sure the garbage hits the pails. I am not a racist, you have some nerve. I am not looking for fame, already got it thanks to you! I am not afraid to be me. I am proud of who I am and what I do. It’s you who’s hiding in plain sight. As far as the BMW, that’s not the car that parked under the street cleaning sign. I have nothing to do with picking the photos out for print. That was the car in the Bus stop. I am the kind hearted person fighting for the handicapped people in wheelchairs who you don’t see on your side block, who are trying to get on the bus on the boulevard. With cars parked in the stop, busses can’t pull up to the curb to let them on. So I am looking out for other people all the time. Instead of your rant JR, why don’t you step outside your block and help the public instead of just cleaning up your own property. Are you sure you got enough fame JR? Are you done calling me a self entitled brat(in caps)? As far as I see things, getting parking under control from the first day, sets the tone for the rest of the school year. It’s like doing a ticket blitz. It set the tone and sends out a message. I guess you’ll never understand. It must be the 40% muscle that gets in the way.

  58. What you are saying applies to the whole neighborhood not only MB. On the other side of the bay there is more dog shit then you can imagine on sidewalks, curbs & right in front of people’s homes.

  59. JR I don’t know you nor do I want to, but since you’re so “accepting” of the students behavior why not print both your name and address instead of hiding behind initials so that the students will know where to park (i.e. on your lawn)

  60. No one ever uses that his stop anyway. It is only 200 feet from the terminal. It really should be eliminated.

  61. JR, dont be surprised, she is part of the MBCG, and one must be “worthy” to speak to someone of such stature, as a matter of fact, that is a direct quote from her president when someone wanted to speak about neighborhood security.
    If anyone thinks the college is just going to disappear, that’s not gonna happen. If she is so concerned, her community group should simply request more enforcement. There is no reason for anyone to have to accept their driveways being blocked, etc, but there is also a proper way of going about resolving it.

  62. When it was a military base they said all sorts of stuff against the residents of the base. The MB residents couldnt wait for the base to close. CANT PLEASE EVERYONE !!!

  63. Not everyone that goes to KCC is a dullard and not everyone that goes to Harvard is a genius. Sometimes, KCC being the most affordable, is the only choice. Don’t generalize a whole population of students because of a minority.


  65. I always thought that if a car was blocking access to your personal property / driveway, then you can do what ShadowLock did and just call a tow truck.

  66. The 61 precinct is now, has always been, and always will be a joke. The CO, what’s his name, Mastrokostas? He was promoted to Deputy Inspector – for what? His officers are rarely out patrolling the neighborhood. Very rarely do I see a patrol car doing rounds. Almost every morning I see at least 3 officers eating in Dunkin Donuts on Sheepshead Bay Road, their car parked at a hydrant (Hey boys – you’re supposed to be setting a good example) I called the pct one evening and asked to speak to Commander Mastrokostas and I was told (Loudly) ‘NOBODY SPEAKS TO THE COMMANDER!” – like he is the Great and Powerful Oz. They’re a bunch of lazy bums.

  67. I do not have these concrete facts and therefore I will not attenpt to disagree. I will only mention the fact that a large majority of my friends that live closest to the college have been complaining to me about the Parking issue for years now. I have headrd it from at least ten different friends.

    With regards to sweeping, MB attracts many people that like to Park and hang out on the quiet streets. Many of these people chose to throw their litter out of the parked car when they leave and it is left behind. I personally have swept my entire block hundreds of times. The corner of Exeter & Shore (on Exeter) & Exeter & Hampton are notorious for this. Residents of the Ocean blocks may not have as much litter generated from Parked cars and foot traffic. I am not sure.

  68. I don’t doubt what you are saying. I just don’t think MB needs ASP 4 days a week for 3 hours. Even cutting the time to 90 minutes would help. One street in Canarsie has it for only 30 minutes.

  69. the excuse kcc has a parking lot doesnt work anymore since many times people do the hit and runs in the parking lot and for your car its safier to park in the street

  70. I happen to like the CO. He is a hands on person.
    Please speak to the man at a community meeting.
    I am not shy and get results when I seek them.
    “no body speaks to the commander” is something I am sure he did not

  71. Guest, I suggest you stay inside your Ocean Avenue house and shut up and mind your business. Keep your eye on security and the private car that sits in front of your house!


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