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BREAKING: Oil Spill In Paerdegat Basin, Authorities Say Stay Away


UPDATED POST (7:28 p.m.): National Grid contractors are cleaning up 1,100 gallons of gas and oil that gushed into the waters of Paerdegat Basin, which connects to the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, after an accident Friday night.

U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Erik Swanson told Sheepshead Bites that National Grid was cementing an older pipe when there was an unexpected discharge of hazardous materials at approximately 1:30 a.m. The discharge was a mixture of natural gas condensate, compressor oil and turbine oil.

National Grid alerted the Coast Guard, who sent a pollution responder team to the scene, along with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation inspectors.

The company hired Miller Environmental Group, a Long Island-based environmental response contractor, to clean the waters, which involves sucking the water-oil mixture out of the area to prevent anymore sheening or environmental damage, Swanson said.

The contractors will be working throughout today and tomorrow, but the repairs are expected to continue past the weekend.

Coast Guard and local governmental agencies will investigate the cause of the accident. If National Grid is determined to have caused it or acted inappropriately, they will be fined, Swanson said. There will also be continued testing of the waters to ensure the public’s safety.

Authorities are cautioning mariners and fishermen to avoid the area.

Original Post (5:00 p.m.): Authorities are telling fishermen, mariners and water enthusiasts to stay away from the Paerdegat Basin are of Jamaica Bay, following a National Grid oil spill. Here’s the alert:

Alert issued 9/29/12 at 4:45 PM. Oil spill contractors working for National Gird Corporation, under the direction of the US Coast Guard and the NYS DEC, are working to clean up a spill of oil and hazardous materials in Paerdergat Basin, Brooklyn. The public is advised to avoid fishing and recreational activity in this area until further notice. An odor may also be present in the area. There is no danger of an explosion.

We have contacted the Department of Environmental Conservation regarding the circumstances of the spill and are awaiting a response.

This is a breaking news story and may contain inaccuracies. We will update it as more information becomes available. If anyone has more information or additional photos, please send them to tips (at) sheepsheadbites (dot) com.

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  1. One more tremendous reason that should convince people to stop the Spectra, Rockaway Lateral Pipeline and others. What is it going to take!? Pipes break!

  2. Great….National Grid will get fined, and we’ll end up paying it for them in the way of higher rates…one way or another.

  3. Yes, I’m sure they want to destroy nature. That’s just not true.

    Nobody is perfect, no system is perfect, not even nature. Bad things happen. That’s the way of life. There are systems and rules in place that are supposed to minimize how often these bad things happen but they still do. If the employees were negligent then NG will have to pay, and no doubt the entire area will be cleaned and returned to it’s previous condition.

    We depend on that gas and oil to live our lives. 

  4. Phase 1 of National Grid’s BQI project, which will include two pipelines under Marine Park Bridge, the larger 26 inch diameter pipe linked to Williams Transco’s Rockaway project, which will be operating at a pressure of 950 psi, will so far not be regulated under FERC process, nor including in the environmental impact statement necessary for Williams project. Drilling to lay those two pipes under Rockaway Inlet is slated to begin this December according to Natl Grid.  

  5. They just don’t care. National Grid is a huge corporation that is interested in increasing profits with little consideration towards environmental consequences. This incident is a small one, and was caught early. In other locations the damage was more severe before it was noticed.

    Once serious damage is done to an environment it can take years before an area can even start to recover.

    National Grid wants to put the entire Jamaica Bay area at risk with their pipeline project, which is being built not because of present need, but in anticipation of future growth. Quite simply, they want to push more natural gas on the public.

    By saying that we NEED natural gas and oil you are saying that environmental destruction is a small price to pay for the problems they create. We’ve seen how energy corporations cause long term damage to environments. Their bottom line is profit, not public safety. Huge profits.

  6.  Hey, companies like National Grid shouldn’t be expected to concern themselves with such annoyances as LONG TERM environmental impact when there is more money to be made if one can increase their supply ability.  No matter that we are at the verge of a total environmental breakdown. Profits must be made.

  7.  “no doubt the entire area will be cleaned and returned to it’s previous condition.”

    LOL!!! No, excuse me, I shouldn’t laugh. It’s just stunning to see that anyone would believe that to even be possible, much less true.

  8. It was an accident it seems not intentional and not terrorism. No human beings seem to have been killed or injured.  They will clean it up and natire will replensih and adpat itself like it alwys ddoes.nature

  9. Don’t forget Bloomshit who played a major role in renaming Jamaica Bay Refuse.
    He knew what he was opening the doors to.

  10. No, an accident would be if a ship hit the line or the people doing the dredging were not aware of the pipes.
    If it is an “OLD” pipeline that burst it borders on neglect. Eleven hundred gallons is small compared to what it could be. Not quite the same as when a water main breaks on land so they do need inspection and pressure testing periodically. 

  11. What concerns me most about that gas pipeline is the fact that no one really knew anything about it until early this year. I can talk to many neighbors and no one knows this thing is practically a done deal. Bloomberg touts the fact that it will create over 300 jobs but only 200 or so would be open to New Yorkers. The pipeline will be remotely monitored by folks in Texas. Well, what does that mean it terms of response times to leaks and over all safety concerns? And what is Transco/Williams safety record when it comes to their other projects? 

  12. Did this pipe just burst or was it leaking?  I am wondering because of the dolphinn that beached itsels on Riockaway.

  13. Ban evil corporations and their evil products and freeze to death this winter!  Everyone complaining surely doesn’t need heat and hot water nor electricity.

  14.  Homo sapiens have been living in cold climates for thousands of years. Why would we freeze to death without the life-giving elixir of the altruistic energy companies? There are many ways to stay warm without mined resources? Pick one!

  15. I suppose that we will unless we utilize sources of natural gas that were previously considered untouchable. There’s a lot of natural gas to be piped out from northern Canada, but the pipelines leading from there will go through wilderness areas. Monitoring the lines for leakages will be difficult, but the project has much support in northwestern Canada because it will mean jobs and generally improve the local economies.

    These will be delivery lines, but they are being rushed because there is always a chance that a slower process will lead to a public revolt against it.

  16. I understand it was not the burst pipe that was the problem but the cement mixture used to repair it.  So I am guessing it was a slow leak screwed up by the repair crew,

  17. So this leaves me to wonder.
    Was there an undetected leak or was it kept quiet to allow the natural gas line past us?
    The sea foam that I posted was filmed a month and a half ago. Wiki mentions a foam made of oil and ocean, is it possible to be related?
    When it comes to $$$$$ and anything Bloomshit related I have to say I don’t trust him and his cronies, we were screwed.
    A dolphin beached itself, does he know something we don’t know?


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