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Oceana Landlord Janna Doheny Indicted For Medicaid Fraud

Janna Doheny, after surrendering to authorities. (Source: Brooklyn DA)

Janna Doheny, the owner of multiple units inside Brighton Beach’s posh Oceana condominium development, is charged with bilking more than $29,000 from Medicaid over the course of eight years, according to a new indictment revealed by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office.

Doheny, 43, filed falsified documents for Medicaid, claiming her only source of income for her and her daughter was just $1,550 a month from her job at an adult entertainment establishment in Queens, and that her savings and investments totaled less than $5,000.

But investigators claim that Doheny wasn’t as cash strapped as her Medicaid application stated. They say Doheny lived the high life, making pricey purchases at Saks Fifth Avenue, Victoria’s Secret and Amazon, as well as getting professional glamour shots in skimpy swimwear while vacationing at a luxury resort in Arizona – a discovery they found by perusing her profile on a Russian-language social networking site.

“Lying to the system to receive Medicaid is a theft of taxpayer dollars and will not be tolerated,” said Human Resources Administration Commissioner Robert Doar, whose agency assisted in the investigation. “At HRA, we maintain the integrity of public assistance programs by providing benefits to those who are eligible and investigating those who ignore the rules.”

Investigators also found that Doheny not only purchased several condo units at Oceana between 2002 and 2010 – where price tags range from $500,000 to $2 million – but that she also owned property in Bay Ridge, Long Beach and South Florida.

The complaint goes on to state that Doheny deposited more than $100,000 annually into several bank accounts in her own name and the name of her business, Oceana Ventures, as well as a pile of cash totaling $170,000 in a safe deposit box on Long Island.

The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, along with the Office of the Medicaid Inspector General and the Human Resources Administration, started to take a closer look at Doheny’s holdings after being tipped off to the Oceana purchases.

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  1. what puzzles me, is why they don’t get prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and usually get away with a plea deal and a lesser charge.

  2. From what I heard, there’s a lot more fraud coming out of that Oceana complex than a mere $29k in 8 years. That comes to less than $4K/year. This is hardly a significant case, it’s nice to catch this one, but they should be going after the bigger fish.

  3. Idiot? come on, she’ll come out of jail in a year and go back to her 10 apartments, and spend whatever money she stole elsewhere, which is probably more significant than $29K. Who’s the idiot?

  4. Speaking of MEDICAID, can someone please tell me, why the same Russians get ambulette’s picking them up on the average of 4 times each week. There is one Russian couple that goes everyday. Sometimes, both get into the same ambulette, and at other times, they are picked up by 2 different ones.

    The husband goes fishing, even when the weather is bad. Sometimes, he goes out in the wee hours of the morning and stays out for 4 or 5 hours. He then will get an ambulette to pick him up later in the day. I see this when I look out my window from time to time.
    These people and other Russsians are averaging about 16-20 visits to doctors each month. This alone SPELLS MEDICADE FRAUD!!!! Sometimes they come back with plastic shoppings with groceries. This is disgusting.

    As I type this, this couple just got into the same ambulette. Why isn’t something done about already? It has been going for many years now.

    The American taxpayers are getting screwed and it’s about time, something was done about it. Obviously Gov. Cuomo and Sen. Schumer don’t care. Sen. Schumer is too busy taking photo OPS. I say shame on both of them.

    I am tired of getting screwed and I am sure most taxpaying citizens feel the same way.

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