Ocean Avenue’s Apple Grill To Become Ocean Style Japanese Restaurant


A local entrepreneur is making a bet: Sheepshead Bay needs more sushi joints. So he’s opening Ocean Style Japanese Restaurant at 2971 Ocean Avenue.

It replaces Cafe Apple Grill, which opened in spring of 2012 and lasted less than a year before closing. Apple Grill itself replaced Chipp Pizzeria, co-owned by a former star of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice. Chipp closed in October 2011 after only seven months in operation.

So what do you think, can Sheepshead Bay take another sushi restaurant? Like we said, the owner bets it will. When we asked about advertising, he declined. “Russians eat sushi,” he said. “They find me.”

That, dear readers, is a business plan.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Ocean Style, and good luck.