Obama Supporters Not Showing The Love. Yet.

Obama Supporters Not Showing The Love. Yet.

Park Slope voted overwhelmingly for Obama four years ago. The 52nd Assembly District, which includes Park Slope, in 2008 gave Obama/Biden ticket 57,229 votes, and only 5,154 votes went to McCain/Palin.

This time, with elections four months away, neighbors are yet to show the love.

I noticed a lone Obama 2012 sticker on a car the other day, and it struck me that I had seen so few this year. About 30 blocks later,  a tally of cars parked along all the streets between 1st & 11th Streets and 5th and 7th Avenues yesterday, only nine had stickers supporting Obama/Biden ticket, and at least six of those were or seemed to be from 4 years ago. None of the cars with the old stickers had the new ones.

Have we all upgraded our cars since four years ago? Are we just not so into sharing anymore? Are we just not so excited about the elections this year? (Park Slope for Obama 2012  could sure use a few more supporters). Or is it just too soon to even be talking about the elections?

Does Obama still speak for them?

Or these guys?


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